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When Do Puppies Need Shots?


How old do puppies have to be to get their shots ?

By Sarah from 95204


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By jax 1 03/18/2011 Flag

First shots should beging at 6-8 weeks and every four weeks after until 3 series are complete. During the last set he will also receive his rabies shot (Usually at 16 weeks). And then one a year. A second rabies shot is given one year after the first. Immunitely generally last 7 years after the second shot depending on shot given, make sure you ask your vet how long immunity will last as per kind of shot.

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Archive: When Do Puppies Need Shots?

I would like to know at what ages a puppy needs shots. Mine has had her first shot.

Joyce from Colorado


RE: When Do Puppies Need Shots?

They need shots as soon as they leave their mother. Your Vet will put you on a schedule.

Northern Virginia (08/08/2006)

By ILuvDobes

RE: When Do Puppies Need Shots?

I agree with the gal above. Puppies need shots just like children do. Call your local vet and they will tell you of when they need their vaccinations. If you don't follow the vets treatments your puppy can die from many of the diseases animals get. Dogs get many of the same ailments as we do. (08/08/2006)

By Gepe

RE: When Do Puppies Need Shots?

There is evidence that over-immunizing dogs can lead to serious health problems. There is new research being done on this. Please search the web for the latest info. I'm sorry I don't have a link. Pharmaceutical companys market shots for dogs just like the latest pills for people. Parvo IS a crucial shot and rabies is required by law, but not every year. Many working-dog people are finding all those shots unnecessary and risky. But, do the research for your own peace of mind.

I've lost 3 dogs to cancer over the last 6 years and have come to believe (based on what I have read) that over-immunization contributed to the problems. Shots are money makers for vets and drug companies. I love my vet and respect his opinion but will I will definitely follow a different immunization protocol for my future dogs. (08/08/2006)

By Vicka

RE: When Do Puppies Need Shots?

I would call your local vet and get a professional option. (08/09/2006)

By Dean

RE: When Do Puppies Need Shots?

I agree with these three posters. Pups get their first vaccinations before they leave their mother which is generally eight weeks old.
I also agree that over vaccinating pets can cause serious medical problems and although I too, love my vet, I refuse to have my dogs vaccinated every year, rabies being the exception. You may want to find a holistic vet who can explain everything you need to know about this research.
Good luck with your new pup! :-) (08/11/2006)

By ldyharley

Archive: When Do Puppies Need Shots?

My dog had puppies and I do not know when to get their first shots. They are about 3 weeks old.

Archive: When Do Puppies Need Shots?

When do puppies need their shots?

By Morayna from Lodi, CA


RE: When Do Puppies Need Shots?

I would say 6-8 weeks old, but I would contact a local vet and discuss this subject with him or her first just to be safe, hope this helps! (03/20/2010)

By Hannah

RE: When Do Puppies Need Shots?

Pretty much I have read several people say, different ages for giving shots to puppies. I understand that breeders give shots differently because they give all at once, and have known what illnesses run in the parents and family tree, but it doesn't mean all puppies would get the same shot schedule as them.

Right now I have adopted 4 Boxer/Pit puppies and their brother who is still with the owner with 2 others. He had his parvo shot just Tuesday and weighed almost 13 lbs. Well he has parvo and is very sick and has lost 8 oz. so all puppies need shots at different timing because none of the same immune system as one another. This week I will be taking my two smallest for shots because they are always getting sick, but, lucky me, they don't have parvo. So you know, they are also 12 weeks old. Now they were dewormed at 6 weeks old and that was so they could eat correctly, grow, and not have any diseases. That comes from the mom so that should always be done at 6 weeks old. Now rabies, I was told by my puppies owner's cousin who works at Banfield Veterinarian, they don't get rabies until 15 weeks old. (05/23/2010)

By Bokaplan

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