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How Do I Make a Wine Cork Hot Plate?

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How do I make a cork hotplate?

By JoanC from Southbury, CT


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By Anne-Marie Emanuelli [5]03/26/2011

I've made wine cork bulletin boards but not hot plates. I got a wooden picture frame and glued the corks to the backing. No glass needed. If you found a frame that was heat resistant, I think you could use the same technique. The corks go on two at a time alternating directions.


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Question: What Glue To Use for a Wine Cork Hot Plate?

Recently I saw a wine cork hot plate that had no bottom and was held together very well. I was unable to find out what glue was holding it together. I tried hot glue, wood glue, and silicone glue. The results were poor. I was thinking of contact cement next?


Most Recent Answer

By beechiegirl1953 [4]06/06/2011
You can use this superior glue for almost any glue project you can think of. Try your local craft store, but if they don't carry it, you can purchase it from their website.

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