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How Can I Keep Dogs From Pooping and Peeing in Flower Beds?

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Photo of small flower bed under a tree

I have a flower bed area between the sidewalk and the semicircle drive. Unfortunately, many people on my street don't seem to care about keeping their dogs out of this flower bed area. They even allow their dogs to do their business (whether it be 1 or 2) right in front of me. I'll even ask that they move their dog over to the devil strip and they don't.

Anyway, I'd like to spray something or put something in my flower bed to deter the dogs from walking through my plants to do their business since their owners seem unqualified for the job. I would appreciate any suggestions. Obviously, I don't mean any harm to the dogs, it's not their fault their owners are oblivious to common courtesies. Needless to say, when my children ask me to get them a dog I answer I'm too busy picking up the mess from all the neighbors dogs. Thank you!

By Michelle H. from Middletown, MD


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By Kathy [21]05/17/2011 ... =10051&catalogId=10053&omni=
Critter Ridder - Basically red and black pepper in a spray or as granules that are safe in flowerbeds, pathways and lawns, and claims to last 30 days, although in the Pacific Northwest I think it lasts about 3 weeks before the squirrels are climbing back up the bird feeder poles. I used the granules to stop my dog from digging when she was a puppy, sprinkled it in the hole she had dug and when she went back to it, she got a small taste and never dug there again. Also have sprinkled it on top of the garbage in the kitchen and although my dog had turned the garbage can over, no garbage was eaten or strewn about the kitchen. I also use the spray on the birdfeeder poles and the top and sides of the feeders. It deters squirrels from climbing up the birdfeeder poles. (It does not bother the birds if they ingest it, they have no taste buds and cannot taste the pepper) It is a natural deterrent, not a poison. It can be pricey, $15-$30 depending on what size and formula you get. The reviews on it are very mixed, so I would buy a smaller size to see if it is effective for you. It works well for me, even with the rain here.

By Vickie Van Scyoc [1]05/16/2011

Dogs won't go where fresh water is, put out gallon jugs of water. Looks bad, but works!

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