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Best Water Temperature for Washing Clothes


In an effort to save money, I have decided to wash my pants suits in the washing machine instead of sending them to the dry cleaners every month. These are nice suits that I wear to work, but they are also washable suits. Should I wash them on cold water only so they won't shrink or wash them on the wrong side so they won't lose their color?

By Onesummer


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By mcw [80] 07/31/2011

Wash them in cold water, using a gentle cycle on washer and turn inside out. Pant suits don't get that soiled and you can also use a short cycle. Remove them from the washer when cycle ends and you can hang them to air dry.

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By Sheilah Link [5] 08/01/2011

MCW has it right, cold water, gentle cycle, Woolite and turn them inside out. Hanging them to air dry reduces the need to iron. This is how I got through years of teaching in a building without AC. Finger press in the creases, and gently stretch the seams. Smooth the damp material with your fingers and you may not even need to iron them.

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