Decorating Ideas for a Ladies Church Luncheon


I am looking for ideas for a church ladies luncheon with the theme of "Binding Hearts and Hands". We will be decorating approximately 20 tables and need to stay within a limited budget. I would appreciate any help anybody might have.

By Juanita from Galt, CA


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By Donna 6 71 03/15/2010

Here's a thought; use instructions from the following link to create "hands" from Plaster of Paris using latex gloves as molds. (Make sure to hang straight so the bottom will be flat to sit on the table - curve the fingers a bit for interest). Use a single "hand" or a pair of "hands" per table depending on your budget.

After drying spray paint or decorate with any color you desire --paint at least one heart on each hand more if you prefer. Finish with a coat of clear gloss laquer. A few sprigs of greenery or some confetti sprinkles , perhaps a candle in the center of a pair of hands. and you'll have unique theme centerpieces. These could be given away at the end of your luncheon - a drawing or a "ticket" under one chair at each table to be found by the lucky guest at the end of the luncheon. Good luck and have fun. http://www.ehow.com/list_5961684_children_s-crafts-plaster-paris.html

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By Ash 2 11 03/16/2010

You could make a 'paper people chain' and put it around a glass hurricane with a candle. The candles could be different sizes and could be found probably in the church if it's large or could be brought by several people. Then, make (or you might be able to buy) the people chain (see link below for example). If you use sturdy paper and tape the chain into a circle they will probably stand freely, otherwise you can put a little tape or those 3m sticky things on the back.

http://cache2.asset-cache.net/xc/85 ... 31F26B7FC43712BEBA7779D2BB68A6ED4A4F
If the link doesn't work just google 'people paper chain', that's what I did.

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