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Dull Hardwood Floors


What hardwood floor cleaner really works for cleaning up a wood floor that appears dull and has residue on it? I can't refinish it right now.

By KT from VA


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By Allison 460 12/22/2009 Flag

There really isn't a product made that will remove the dullness. Vinegar will actually dry out the floors, so it may look a little better for awhile, it's not good long term. Perhaps a few inexpensive area rugs would help until you can refinish.

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By merlene smith 4 311 12/22/2009 Flag


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Archive: Dull Hardwood Floors

I have hardwood floors which I have washed for 3 years with Murphy's oil soap. Now my floors are dull. So I just used vinegar and water and now they are sticky and dull. How do I fix this?

Annie from Detroit


RE: Dull Hardwood Floors

I have been reading the past postings with regard to hardwood floors. There is all kinds of conflicting advice on this question, and it seems to be a common problem. I am sure that the finish on your floor needs to be considered, too, as old floors are finished differently than new ones.

I suspect you have big residue of oil and whatnot left on the floor from the Oil Soap, so you will need to clean that off first. Vinegar will not have much effect on an oil residue; you need something with detergent, I am guessing. I would try something like Mr. Clean, which I use for just about everything. If you have a build up, it may take several cleanings or a lot of elbow grease to get the film off.

Good luck with this. (08/01/2007)

By louel53

RE: Dull Hardwood Floors

It sounds like you're needing to put sealer down again, waxing them with a clear wax, never use vinegar on the floor. Use only cold water.

By Robbie

RE: Dull Hardwood Floors

I have been using a solution of Windex and water. The installer told me this cleans and shines. It works. I put some water and Windex in a spray bottle and spray the mix on a soft terry cloth mop. Works wonderfully. I think its 3 parts water, 1 part Windex. (03/16/2008)

By Pam

RE: Dull Hardwood Floors

Murphy's oil soap actually has oils in it not the kind that is good for your floor, but the kind that can leave a waxy, dull residue. The vinegar and water more than likely started to break it down, but there are still layers of it left. You can wet mop your floors and you don't have to dry them.

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