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Craft Project: Pot Scrubber

A pot scrubber can be easily made from a mesh vegetable bag.

Approximate Time: 30 minutes


  • mesh bag
  • needle and thread

I used a mesh bag that melons come in from Costco.



Make sure there is a knot tied in one end of the bag.


Put the knot on the inside of the bag.


Start rolling and folding the other end of the bag to the inside.


When it is all tucked inside, thread the needle with a double length of strong thread.


Using the needle, weave the thread in and out of the mesh and pull up tightly to close the end.

Tie the 2 ends of the thread.

By Dianajoyce from Willow Creek, CA


Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the feedback that was provided then.

Archive: Make Your Own Pot Scrubber

Once upon a time, I had no scrubber for my pots and skillets, so I put together a single crochet stitch square. I covered it with some old onion netting and tied it together with a small length of yarn and knotted it.

It actually works better than the brand I have been been using. The great thing is it is recycling and keeping the items from a landfill at least for a while.

I have also found potato netting makes a good scrubber. aluminum balled up foil makes a good scrubber for metal things, but not for things that need a nylon scrubber only. I didn't have any foil at the time so that is why I made my own out of the onion netting and the crochet square.

By Robyn Fed from Hampton, TN

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