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Scratches on Leather Furniture


Does anyone have any idea how to repair dog scratches on leather furniture?

By Diane from Morrison, IL


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By Greg 1 03/06/2011 Flag

My dog ruined my weekend when I came home Friday to find that she scratched the heck out of the bottom of the couch trying to get her tennis ball. After reading all the remedies here I decided to try Kiely's first since this person is a pro and i did not like the idea of using food products. So I used hot water and a clean dish rag and began wiping back and forth. I have soft Italian leather, and this process seemed to loosen oils and spread into the mass of scratches after about 60 seconds of wiping back and forth. This completely worked. I only wish I did this a couple days ago.

I often question the number of products on the market that claim that they designed specifically to clean this or that, when really they are just doing the same thing that water would do or another simple household product. For example I spend lots of money on different products to clean the grout in my tile shower. Nothing worked. Then we had a cleaning lady (a pro) come by and she just grabbed a $1 bottle of bleach and it practically cleaned itself.

Thanks Kiely for adding some practical advice to the conversation.

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Archive: Scratches on Leather Furniture

I just purchased leather furniture literally two days ago and already have scratches all over it!

Archive: Scratches on Leather Furniture

How do you treat scratches on leather?

Christine from England


RE: Scratches on Leather Furniture

I have a cat who is declawed in the front. Our vet has several declawed cats and explained to us that he removes the nerve associated with each claw so our cat can't feel that he's missing claws. He still stretches his paws in that "needing" action, and he is happy, healthy, and I don't have to worry about my furniture, my dog being scratched, or us getting scratched. I read all these horror stories discouraging declawing before we did it, and maybe not all vets are as adept at it, and not all cats react the same, but our cat is fine. For leather scratches, try a little olive oil. I saw it on the Today show. (07/24/2007)

By Kathy

RE: Scratches on Leather Furniture

I just tried olive oil to remove scratches from my leather ottoman and it worked wonderfully! (07/27/2007)

By Carrie

RE: Scratches on Leather Furniture

The olive oil idea was amazing! Really did work! Obviously the deep scratches are not gone but the little ones are completely covered up. Thank you for all your tips.

By Carinna

RE: Scratches on Leather Furniture

I tried the olive oil idea as well, and though it did help to lessen the appearance of the scratches, in natural light they are still quite visible. Any other ideas/suggestions? I'm nervous about trying the shoe polish idea. My couch is a dark brown leather with a slight reddish/brown under tone. (07/31/2007)

By Mona

RE: Scratches on Leather Furniture

This depends what type of leather it is.
If it is an aniline style leather so the scratches are just on the surface a good leather protector should help remove the scratches.
If the surface has a pigment coating and the scratches are surface scratches in that then Easy Colour should help blend them in. If the scratches go any deeper then they will need a professional product to repair and this is best left to the experts.

By Leather Agony Aunt

RE: Scratches on Leather Furniture

Best solution for restoring scratches on leather is with an iron and damp cloth. The heat from the iron brings the oils to the surface and repairs the scratch. This works best when you put the damp cloth between the iron and the piece of furniture. (11/26/2007)

By shirley

RE: Scratches on Leather Furniture

I just had a repair guy come and repair my leather couch that had a few scratches from the cat walking across it and then falling off and he repaired it by wiping orange oil into the leather and then wiping it off with a soft cloth and you can almost not see where the scratch was. (12/19/2007)

By Rena

RE: Scratches on Leather Furniture

I have not bought a leather couch yet, but my partner and I have thought about the cat situation. We have two older cats that are 15 and 17 and still pretty energetic. We have, of course, allowed them to snuggle with us on a cloth couch and now we are faced with some behavior modification challenges. We thought we would start by not allowing them on the couch at night with us when we are watching t.v..

Every time they want to get on the couch we bring them to "their wing back" chair and pet them there. We also are going to make long thick plastic covers with thick packing sheet plastic and duct tape. I will use a sewing machine to make a pocket all around the base, measure it and thread thin sewing elastic. This will keep the cats from going under the cover during the day when we are at work. I'll make one for both sofa and love seat.

I thought I would do one long piece from the floor on one arm to the floor on the next arm and then cut two squares for the front and back to carefully tape so the shape is a square. We think this would be as easy as putting an outdoor furniture cover on at the end of each day. I think this might work because the plastic is not comfortable and we can put a cat deterrent spray on the plastic. Does anyone think this idea might work? Thx (01/14/2008)

By wendy

RE: Scratches on Leather Furniture

I loved Robin's answer. I knew exactly what type of leather furniture I was buying since it had scratches all over it in the show room, that is what drew me to buying it. It is meant to get distressed! I have two declawed cats and an Akita/Chow dog that are doing a fine job of making this leather distressed by the day. I will try some of the ideas for fun though! It's meant to get worn out! Shirley (01/23/2008)


RE: Scratches on Leather Furniture

I have a dark purple real leather couch that I got previously owned(I wouldn't normally buy purple furniture).
I have two cats and used Murphy's Oil Soap on the scratches, the lesser scratches really covered up quite nicely, the deeper ones not as much but look less obvious.
I'm certainly not going to ever stop my cats from getting up on the furniture, they are family members.
I would try the shoe polish idea but what are my chances of finding deep purple shoe polish. (02/21/2008)

By Lee

Archive: Scratches on Leather Furniture

How do I cover deep scratch marks on a leather sofa?

Archive: Scratches on Leather Furniture

I am looking for advice on cleaning leather furniture and removing scratches.

By Angie from Tulsa, OK


RE: Scratches on Leather Furniture

Three of my 4 children thought it would be a good idea to scratch names and figures into our leather couch. I read the post by Marie. Using the Pledge orange oil with a rag in a buffing (wax on/wax off) motion worked well. It removed all the scratches of artwork and made the furniture look brand new! Thanks Marie. (12/30/2009)

By kimfike

Archive: Scratches on Leather Furniture

Does anyone know a trick for reducing the visibility of cat scratches on my beautiful Italian leather dining chairs?

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