Removing Mold on a Motorcycle Helmet


I've got a motorbike helmet that was left in a damp garage, and has mold around the bottom and on the strap. I just wanted to know if I can save it, or should I buy a new one? Thanks.

Peter B.


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By mcw 80 1,754 02/03/2008

Clean it with a mixture of bleach and water. It will be just as good as new.

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By Cyinda 214 1,287 02/03/2008

The best thing to remove mold is Bleach. Nothing can beat it, But since your helmet is probably a dark color, I'm sure that won't work (without fading the strap). But, If you go to the painting area of Home Depot they sell a mold remover made for walls. I'm sure that will work for you. But, right now I'd just use a toothbrush & a bit of dish soap with several drops of bleach. At least you can get to the bottom of it until you can buy the mold killer.

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By Ted (Guest Post) 02/04/2008

Pete, use a old tooth brush and vinegar to clean it, you can freshen it with soda, rub the soda into the pads real well and let it set a bit, I use a shop vac to remove it but you could brush it out.

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By Sheila Hendricks 2 66 02/04/2008

Be very careful if it is black mold which can be very dangerous. Wear a mask while using the bleach to make sure you don't breathe any of it. Make certain you remove all of it from the helmet and check that you don't get any on your clothes. My granddaughter has permanent lung damage from just this kind of mold.

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By anna k. ricart 02/06/2008

ID clean it as they say then throw it in the dryer. High heats will kill off stuff~

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By Cathy 11 72 03/26/2009

Just in reading related links here, I see people suggesting using bathroom mold remover for mold in clothing and such. That might work of rinsed off very well. Read the label for warnings first, of course. Also bleach, water and peroxide applied with a toothbrush, then wiped off and dried with a blow dryer night work. Watch for any sort of skin reaction when wearing the helmet afterwards, and if you have allergies or asthma, I'd just buy a new one. Hope you find your solution!

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