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Frozen Breaded Mushrooms


I used to be able to buy frozen OreIda mushrooms that I could fry or bake and serve with ranch dressing. Any frozen mushroom would do, I don't like the fresh picked ones. If the stores don't sell them is there someway to come up with my old frozen mushrooms? I saw them fresh in the vegetables and don't know if those breaded are the same as the old OreIda frozen ones. And if they do taste the same, what recipe do you use to fix them? I am so stumped and would appreciate any help. I recently got to enjoy some fried mushrooms at a Dairy Queen when we were traveling in Missouri. Sure do miss eating them. Any ideas will be appreciated.

Lori MacDonald from AR



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By LEONA LABINE 46 398 09/28/2006 Flag

This is my very simple and very tasty recipe for battered mushrooms.

1cup flour
1tsp. salt
1cup beer

Mix the flour and salt, stir in the beer, cover and let sit at room temp. for @1 hour.
Heat oil.
Dip mushrooms in the batter and fry as directed on fryer.

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By Mazie 7 09/28/2006 Flag

Well, here in Kansas I find the best breaded mushrooms from the Schwan's company (I love their ice cream too,lol). But I have also found them at the Super Walmarts under the Farm Fresh brand I believe. Sorry, I don't have a recipe. I just buy them when I get a craving for them,lol.

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By byrdie (Guest Post) 09/29/2006 Flag

I too like dairy queen fryed mushrooms I think they used canned mushrrom in those. when I make my own which I think taste better I use tempura batter I saute them in butter and garlic salt and salt and pepper first and dry them very well before dipping them the batter

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By lori macDonald 23 56 09/29/2006 Flag

byrdie , what is tempura batter? is this your own concoction of butter , garlic and salt? do you use real butter? and do you use whole CANNED mushrooms? thanks to everyone for their help!! my walmart doesn't carry any kind of frozen mushroom! ((:

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By (Guest Post) 10/17/2006 Flag

Have you contacted Ore-Ida? Maybe they just didn't order them in your town. This has happened to me with other products, I hope this helps.

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