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Easy to Digest Meals for Someone with Stomach Problems

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My husband has problems with his stomach. He can not eat anything heavy for supper. He is only eating oatmeal right now. I need some ideas on meals I can fix that will be easy on his digestive system and actually taste good. He is getting so tired of oatmeal and I have not been able to find something different.

Please help me. I am desperate to find some good meals. He is hard working and needs good, easy to digest meals.

By Donna Renee from Atlanta, TX


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By Peg03/10/2010

After I had bariatric surgery I could only have soft easily digested foods. One that I came up with was to put chicken broth in a bowl and microwave it with a few canned peas (canned because they were soft). I then sprinkled potato flakes over it and stirred. Add as much as you want for thickness. Looser is better if stomach issues. It's very flavorful and you dont miss not having meat although if he could handle it I'd add a few pieces of canned chicken. :)

By Sheila [60]03/10/2010

Look in the library for a book on Food Combining. They teach not to combine protein and starch in the same meal. This creates digestion problems. Lots of info in this book.

By Barbara [6]03/10/2010

When my stomach is bothering me, I eat crackers and milk. I also fix instant potatoes with all milk, jello angel food cake. A real soft scramble egg. Use only the white bread with real butter on top and white crackers. Whole wheat is a lot harder to digest. Sometimes mine gets so bad that I go on baby food fruit until I can handle other food. Stomach problems are miserably. You can reach me @ cushingqueen AT, will try to help all I can.

By Anonymous [848]03/10/2010

Definitely ask his doctor about food/ingredients he can safely eat. Once you know this you can check out the following link where you type the ingredients in and it comes up with hundreds of recipes :-) They have a first time user tutorial there, too :-)

By gilmer [4]03/10/2010

I agree with OliveOyl. Be sure there is no more serious problem and gradually change the diet. My hubby had pancreas problems and had to be careful of what he ate. That is slowly being resolved.

By Selah03/10/2010

As OliveOyl said, have the doc check him out. If all is ok, other than digestive issue, try digestive enzymes, probiotics, digestive grape bitters [about 1/3 dropperful on the back of the tongue] which stimulates stomach acid, which is a GOOD thing. Also zinc [50mg] and Vitamin B are also good for digestion. Even a hot drink of water with a splash of apple cider vinegar and some ginger after the meal will help. These things have all helped me with digestion.

By lisa [3]03/09/2010

Google "Bland Diet" for foods that are easy to digest and are recommended for people with stomach difficulties. Avoid foods that are spicy, high in fat and coarse fiber and caffeine.

By OliveOyl03/09/2010

It's impossible (if not dangerous) to give advice not knowing what your husband's digestive trouble is. A visit to the doctor is in order. Ask his health care professional for a diet he can tolerate.

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