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Riddle: Object Has Keys That Open No Locks

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Can anyone help me solve this riddle? What object has keys that open no locks, space but no room, and you can enter but not go in? Thanks for your help.

Amanda from PA



Recent Answers

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By eshadow7802/19/2015

It's a piano!

By jimmy mixon12/27/2010

Can anyone help me solve this riddle? What object has keys that open no locks, space but no room, and you can enter but not go in? empty heart. A lot lot of people have a key to somebodies heart but only one person can have the true key to open it. Your heart can have space but no room for love at certain times. You can enter into somebodies heart but you cannot physically go in it.

By Lucyjan (Guest Post)08/06/2008

A computer keyboard!

By kaitlin (Guest Post)07/13/2008

It's is a computer keyboard because it has space -the spacebar, it has keys- letter keys, you can enter-push the enter key but you can't go in can you. I don't know why people think its a piano because a piano you cannot enter, space and it has room inside.

By Amanda from PA (Guest Post)07/07/2008

The answer is computer keyboard.

By lakelurker001 (Guest Post)06/08/2008

For sure... pc keyboard

By (Guest Post)06/03/2008

a key board

By Sheree Nicole (Guest Post)05/29/2008

A piano

By shirley (Guest Post)04/29/2008

A computer

By plumberow primary school kids (Guest Post)04/22/2008

its deffo an computer keybord us plumberow kids are alwayz right lol!

By (Guest Post)04/18/2008

Computer definately

By NANNA (Guest Post)04/15/2008


By (Guest Post)04/14/2008


By Paula Jo C. [7]04/13/2008

I would say one of my favorite instruments to listen to...

The answer to the riddle I would think is an
"upright (wall hugging) piano"...

By peseta (Guest Post)04/13/2008

Since a computer keyboard does have a labeled Caps Lock, it's a flat navigation or military map, one you enter lines etc in.
Stretching 'enter' to include entering part of a piece, maybe a piano too.
Then there are the Florida Keys... with all the people moving there, not much room, and you only 'go in' the water.

By cece (Guest Post)04/11/2008

A typewriter or computer keyboard

By Julie (Guest Post)04/11/2008

computer keyboard

By Sharon (Guest Post)04/11/2008

pc keyboard

By Carol in PA (Guest Post)04/11/2008

I think a map or a puzzle.

By Marty (Guest Post)04/11/2008

A typewriter or computer keyboard

By Barbara Huggins [8]04/11/2008

I have to say a keyboard too.
Let us know what the answer is...

By Nanny Hall (Guest Post)04/10/2008

It is a computer, not just a the keyboard. You enter the computer and there's definitely space on a computer. When I started reading this I thought it was a joke, but now I see there are plenty of us folks answering with what we think is right. Thanks, this was lots of fun.

By Bonnie Trott [1]04/10/2008

Keyboards have a CAPS LOCK... Pushing the key locks and unlocks/opens it!

By Joyce Elswick04/10/2008

A piano

By Joyce (Guest Post)04/10/2008

a piano

By ANBSMOMMY (Guest Post)04/10/2008

Computer keyboard!

By jadesmage (Guest Post)04/10/2008

The Keyless Lock Store, often imitated but never duplicated!

By Beth [5]04/09/2008

I almost said a map, but I think it's a keyboard. :)

By Helper (Guest Post)04/09/2008

Keyboard on a computer

By Catherine Chilton [1]04/09/2008

Of course, if you want to quibble you could say that the Caps Lock and Number Lock are keys that open locks -- once they're locked, you have to press them to unlock them. (Just making things difficult!)

By Regina Arlauckas [26]04/09/2008

How about a computer keyboard?
Enter key
Space bar

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