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What Does "sm" Mean in Knitting Instructions?

In knitting what does the abbreviation "sm" mean?

By Julia from Margate, FL

Recent Answers

By Michelle [4]09/01/2010

The term sm in knitting instructions means slip marker. Slip marker assists you by not having to count stitches. You can use your ring or safety pin and when you come to it just slip on to the other needle. You can buy a slip marker at a sewing storew. Hope this helps.

By Randi [2]09/01/2010

sm = slip marker
It means to slide the stitch marker from one needle to another as it comes up to the working needle.

I'm quoting this from the Lion Brand Yarn website ( They have a great learning center online. It's how I taught myself to knit 5 years ago!

By Joan [13]08/29/2010

If it is a clothing item, I would assume it means size small.

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