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Tire Expiration Dates


We bought a lot of tires from agency of Good Year. They were produced in 2003. I wanted to know if these tires are still suitable for using or not.



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By Suntydt 75 877 08/10/2010

If the tire does not show dry rot and can be balanced with little difficulty it is probably a good tire. If nothing else they are perfect for a spares.

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By Helmut 8 121 08/10/2010

Seven year old GoodYear tires are not safe for highway speed, but you can easily get another five years of slow farm work out of them. If you have to use them to get home, put Fix-A-Flat into them. The solvent in it makes them a little bit less brittle.
Have fun!

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By Deanj 917 08/11/2010

I have found information on the web by the Straregic Safety Adm. that states retailers should not sell tires that have been in storage more than 6 years from date of manufacture. The tires will rot from the inside. If you look on you will find other links to your question.

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By Deanj 917 08/11/2010

You can also go to click on "passenger tire", scroll to the bottom and click on "contact us" and state your concern about tires made in 2003.

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I remember reading about this subject a few years ago. I found these links regarding the subject for info about the age of tires and safety: ... veningnews/consumer/main698335.shtml

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By Sandi/Poor But Proud 450 2,083 08/12/2010

The date of manufacture is on the inside of the tires, not easy to find and hard to understand if you don't know how to read it.

It is not recommended to ride on any tires that are older than 6 years. I saw the story of the young man who was killed in his parents van from this very problem.
The date would read something like this: 1232003
Which means it was made on the 123rd day of 2003. I might not have it spot on, but it's close.

The rubber degrades even when it is sitting new on the showroom floor.

Don't take the risk. Not even for a spare...

Here is what I found when I googled "tire expiration dates". ... p;aqi=&aql=&oq=&gs_rfai=

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Archive: Tire Expiration Dates

Tires expire! Check the date on your tires before you buy. Old tires fall apart causing rollovers and death. Make sure your new tires are still within their expiration date. Our lives are at stake.

I used to buy old tires, but since I have seen the sad facts, old tires do cause wrecks. I no longer buy old tires for my vehicles. The risk is too great for me.

By Jill


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