Removing a Ring That Is Stuck On Your Finger


Tips for removing a ring that is stuck on your finger. Post your ideas.



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By Susan Sanders-Kinzel 9 2,498 03/05/2005

WD-40 can be used a get a stuck ring off, just give a light spray.

By IMAQT1962

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By Terri 7 84 03/05/2005

I worked in a jewelry store and we always used Windex. If you have pulled and tugged on the ring, your finger might be swollen. Soak your hand in ice water for a while before trying the Windex.

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By Jo Bodey 1 234 03/05/2005

Soap or cooking oil will help lubricate the ring and make it slip off easier. If your finger is swollen and the ring is firmly stuck the circulation to the finger can be restricted. If the above measures don't work most hospital emergency departments in Australia have ring cutting equipment to remove the ring before there is any lasting damage. The ring can be repaired afterwards.



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By Kathleen 4 3 03/06/2005

I was given this tip by a jeweler who used this trick for pregnant women with swollen fingers before he resorted to cutting the ring off: use hemorrhoid cream! It reduces the swelling and greases up the finger so that the ring slides right off. Then just clean as usual.

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By Rasalin (Guest Post) 04/23/2005

Slide dental floss under the ring and wind the floss around tightly and evenly past the first knuckle. Move ring up as you wind.

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By Marg 16 426 09/26/2009

Don't keep tugging, your finger swells. Try soap, oil, or washing up liquid. Failing all else I've seen one of the guys in the fire station cut a ring off a child's finger, and boy, did he like the attention! Marg from England.

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By Cindy 111 09/27/2009

When I was a kid my Mother washed a washateria. One time we were there a lady got her hand caught in a wringer. Her fingers were swelling fast, and she could not get her ring off. One of the ladies ran grabbed a bottle of bleach and poured in on her hand. The ring came off. With out the bleach she would have probably lost her finger, we were about 30 miles to the hospital. Since then when I have a ring that hard to get off I use bleach. It has never hurt any ring. If your finger is swollen you might do as Danialle said and soak your hand in ice water first to bring down the swelling.

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By Danialle 3 248 09/26/2009

Wash your hands with soap. While the soap is on your hands the ring might possibly slide off. Also try holding your hands under cold water or soak in ice water. This will cause your had to shrink from the cold and the ring should come off.

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By Janet 11 717 09/26/2009

Rub oil on your hands, or shortening.

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Soaking my hand as long as could stand it in ice water always worked for me except one time when I had gained fifteen pounds and had to pay to have it cut off by a jeweler and resized :-( But shortly after lost those pesky pounds and had to pay to have it resized again ;-) LOL!

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By Louise 7 96 09/26/2009

Hi! I had to have minor surgery two weeks ago and the very wise RN used just a spritz of Windex on my ring finger and my rings slid right off. The more you tug and twist, the more your finger swells.

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By Maryeileen 76 1,143 09/27/2009

liquid hand soap

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By Becca S 17 3 12/14/2009

Try rubbing dish soap or butter around and under the ring, then twist and pull untill it slides off.

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By Castaway 1 01/22/2010

It worked! It worked! It worked!. After trying several other methods, and with some skepticism, windex worked!

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By spoexpecting 1 02/13/2010

I fell asleep with my rings on my fingers. My finger swelled during the night, and I didn't think I would ever get my rings off without cutting them off. I read the tips here, and tried the dental floss/Windex suggestion. Thank you, thank you, thank you! It worked!

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By KN 1 04/07/2010

I tried the cold water and then used the dental floss. They worked! Thank you so much for the advice.

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By Amy McNamara W. 1 12/31/2012

I sat with my hand above my head for about 5 minutes while I searched the web on how to remove my stuck ring. I had already tried water, olive oil, and ice and nothing was working so I came here and saw to use Windex. I did it and just twisted slowly while pulling slowly and sprayed my finger one more time and then it came off, I will tell everyone about Windex and removing a stuck ring!

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