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Removing Masking Tape From Fiberglass Boat

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I have masking tape that was left on too long (1 year). The tape is on a fiberglass boat. It is possible to scrape it off with a plastic scraper to avoid damaging the fiberglass but a very, very slow process. When the tape is off there is still the glue residue left, any ideas on the best way to remove both of these?



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By mj (Guest Post)09/10/2008

I first tried fingernail polish remover to take off remnants of masking tape on a laptop cover, with no success. After a google search turned up this thread, I followed the first suggestion (any oil), and was delighted to see olive oil remove all stickiness immediately.

Soap and water cleanup completed the job. Thanks (3 years later) to all who replied!

By Todd (Guest Post)06/25/2005

Did anything work?()

By Carla J. Sanders [3]05/15/2005

Anything oily will work - even good old fashion baby oil or vegetable oil. Put it on and rub it around, then use a cotton clothe.

By ginger ann [1]05/15/2005

Use Skin-So-Soft by AVON. Works great on all surfaces! Won't mark or remove paint. .. View related article.

By ginann (Guest Post)05/15/2005

Skin-so-soft by Avon. Works wonders & will not harm paint. We used on wood. I use it not for everythign.

By Glenda (Guest Post)05/13/2005

There is a product called Goo Gone. You can get it almost anywhere... even Dollar Tree. It doesn't cost much, maybe a buck or two.. you put it on, rub it around a little and it removes all the sticky residue from almost anything. I have also used it to get gum out of kids' hair (shampoo afterwards, of course), and gum and silly putty out of clothes. It is pretty awesome stuff! It doesn't harm the finish, either. You might try that.

By guest (Guest Post)05/13/2005

I was told by a sign/decal company that I could get their decals off my airplane and not damage the paint with a citrus-based solvent. Don't know if this would work on fiberglass or not. Maybe check out CitraSolv. (I don't know if I spelled that correctly.)

By Annie (Guest Post)05/12/2005

I recently had to remove decals from a very large
truck. I did the blade routine for a day and then someone suggested WD-40. Well hot diggity did that ever work well. Soak it with WD then leave it overnight and spray on again in the morining. It is absolutely amazing how easily the gunk comes off.
Wish I'd known about WD earlier.

By Maureen [1]05/12/2005

Remove the glue residue with Lestoil. My husband needed to remove glue reside from a reflector on his Harley and it took it all off with little or no elbow grease and didn't harm the finish at all.

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