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Keeping My Apartment Smelling Fresh

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Hi. I live in a small one bedroom apartment, and there really doesn't seem to any air circulation so it smells musty, especially if I'm gone for the weekend and there is little garbage and it's closed, when I come back and walk in it smells bad. I can't take out the garbage right before I leave because I am only allowed by the city to take out the garbage on certain days. I use febreeze but I really do not have time on my hands to constantly clean. Is there anything I can do to keep my apartment smelling fresh? Please help.

Erica from Jersey



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By Betty (Guest Post)07/20/2007

Don't put anything in your garbage that smells such as food scraps. Instead, get a plastic bucket with lid (ice cream bucket works fine) and put a plastic bag in it for collecting food scraps etc. Also put your used paper napkins in it to assorb liquids. Each day tie the bag together with the handles and place it in the freezer. On garbage collection day, put your scrap bags in the garbage. Rinse food and juices from cans before placing in recycling bin.

By pam munro [447]03/16/2006

I live in an older apartment which can get stuffy - but I work on the circulation of the fresh outer air - with fans in all the rooms to circulate it. Put the garbage in a tightly CLOSED plastic garbage bag if you can't take it out regularly. Make sure your garbage can isn't musty (clean with bathroom cleaner). If there is any MOLD spray with spay disinfectant to kill it and/or use bleach.

I prefer incense to room air freshener - it smells better - altho I have used citrus spray & potpourri scent. I have an updraft in my apartment hall - and often cooking smells come up - then I spray the hall with air freshener or burn incense. Ditto smells from the back alley on occasion. You could also think about purchasing an air cleaner. Make sure you have as much sunshine as possible - which keeps down mustiness. If any of your effects are musty - furniture, rugs, you could spray with scented spray disinfectants & put out to dry in the sun to freshen them. Fabreeze is good, but is only good for certain types of odors, like smoke, sweat, etc. You have to get down to the root cause of mustiness. In my experience, disinfectant + sunshine is the best cure - Plus lots of fresh air.

By (Guest Post)06/17/2005

Potpourri is awesome. You need to either replace it or freshen it with spray oil every month.

By it' [165]12/09/2004

To eliminate trash can odors, put all your garbage, food scraps, vegetable peelings, etc., in your refrigerator or freezer until you can dispose of it. We keep a plastic container with a tight fitting lid in our refrigerator. When it gets full, we freeze it. We have to do this in the summer months because of the odor from our trash cans in the garage. We can't keep our trash cans outside because they will attract bears. And believe me, cleaning up after a bear that was in your trash is not pleasant. They drag anything they get into far from the area. They leave trash trails everywhere. A bear had carried my neighbor's trash into my yard and ripped it apart. It was a huge mess!

By Linne Dodds (Guest Post)12/09/2004

There is a product called OUT at WalMart in the Pet department.Buy it & spray it into the trash can which hopefully is covered .Spray it whenever you put something stinky in the can,either that or shake carpet powder in it frequently.Both of these have helped Me & I have Lots of Cats .Scented cat litter helps too.
The scented litter placed in the Bottom of your trash can underneath the bag is goo even when you have No animals. It absorbs stinky wet spills which always seem to happen.Also check trash bags for any holes before using & tape them,No need to toss out a bag with a small hole in it.
If it has a bigger hole I usually use it for keeping dry recyclables to tkae to the bins in.1 for each kind except for glass which I put in something sturdier.

By Kayla [3]12/09/2004

If you have so little trash, can't you take it to a public dumpster? As for the mustiness, try a dehumidifier. Otherwise you may want to bring this to the attention of the apt. complex. There might be an underlying problem. They should let you move into a diff apt

By Trudy Powell12/09/2004


Someone mentioned about the charcoal, so I thought I would also say that I am an Independent Watkins Associate, and we carry many earth-friendly household cleaning products. One of the items we have is called "Odor Trap" and is natural activated charcoal in a vented, spill-proof can. You uncover the vents and set this in the location of your choice (i.e. refrigerator, freezers, coolers, and other "smelly" places). There is a chart on the back with the months listed, and you mark when you place it out, and it's supposed to be good for a year (the chart on the back is your reminder of when to replace it). We also have Odor Zap, a heavy-duty odor neutralizer formulated to permanently elminate tough odors. It's biodegradable, non-toxic, non-corrosive, hyppoallergenic and non-staining. It's 100% safe for people, pets, and the environment. It's good for smoke, mildew, paint fumes, or waste matter. This is also great to use in mopping solutions, in carpet cleaners, or humidifiers and can be used on sports equipment, shoes, and even wet dogs. If you would like me to send you a catalog, just e-mail me, and I'll be happy to get one off to you.

Trudy Powell (to request a catalog)

By Pat Mastrandrea12/09/2004

On todays tips, someone talks of putting charcoal in a bag and leaving it in the room. Could be worth a try.

By Rose Mary (Guest Post)12/09/2004

One thing I've done is purchase a trashcan with a lid. On the inside of the can and the side (inside) one of those sticky air fresheners of your choice. A strong smelling freshener instead of a powdery type works best. This is also good for clothes hampers or diaper containers. Rose Mary

By J.R.. (Guest Post)12/09/2004

I'm not sure about the mustiness, but you can try keeping your food trash in a plastic bag in the freezer until trash day.

Solutions: Keeping My Apartment Smelling Fresh

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Tip: Incense Stick in Flower Arrangement

I love the smells of Fall. I have a decorative bouquet of flowers that I bought at a garage sale for $4. And a table for $10. I might bring it in once it freezes outside so it won't break. The glass table was such a great find and the flowers look so good on it, but they are missing something.

I found a bunch of incense the other day, and I took one stick of it out of the package. For some reason, I thought of the bouquet on the glass table. I put the UNLIT incense stick in the bouquet and I pushed it into the foam at the bottom of the bouquet. You have to be careful or the stick will break. It makes the artificial bouquet have a strong smell, I am so happy with it.

I have decided I am going to do that when people come over, it is an easy way scent the air, in a frugal way, for company.

Happy Fall Season!

By Robyn from Tri-Cities, TN

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