Removing Rust Stains from a Sink

Rusty pipes, well water, and even a crack in the porcelain on a cast iron sink can lead to rust stains. This is a guide about removing rust stains from a sink.

Removing rust stains from a sink.
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The dirty water left from cleaning the oven has left rust speckles. I tried bleach, but nothing will remove them. What's the best thing to use please?

By Chris D from Suffolk

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Automotive and paint stores carry a product called navel jelly. It removes rust.

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We had to use a flexibly snake to clear a block with a party coming up. The rotation of the snake left a 6 x 3 coat of rust are at the entrance to the trap. Soaking in heavy Clorox solution overnight, no effect.

Read the entries on your site. Tried the one that suggested "I use 600 wet/dry sandpaper. Sponged out most of the water. Used the sandpaper. Removed 99% of the rust with minimal effort."

Source: Feedbak in "Rust Stains in a White Sink"

"Rub gently with 'wet and dry' sandpaper. It may have a different name in the USA but any sandpaper with a grit of 600 or greater. As the name suggests it can be used with water and does not damage the surface. It can also be used on 'toilet rings'. Much less toxic and cheaper than buying chemicals."

By Jo Bodey from Fall River, MA

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Clorox will set rust. Being from GA, where we are famous for our "red clay"; which is due to the amount of iron in the soil, I know that bleach only sets rust. Several brand name products were mentioned in the posts that have been archived. Probably any of them would work. I do suggest that you go to your local hardware store; or, perhaps the specialized cleaning products in the laundry section of the grocery store for something that specifically removes rust.

BTW: Hawaii is also known for its red dirt, also from the iron in the soil! Good luck with getting the stain out!

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Cider vinegar, tea, or lemon juice will do the job without the harsh chemicals. I prefer cider vinegar, but the tea and lemon juice work also.

For example: if you leave a can or hair spray on the sink counter too long it will leave a rust ring. Problem solved using the above items. Works great!

By Irene from Williston, FL

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To get rust stains out of sinks and around drains, use NAVAL Jelly, which can be found in the automotive section.


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I recently moved into a house with an old porcelain sink, where the previous tenant clearly didn't take much pride in keeping their sink clean. It has stains in it (rust? spaghetti sauce? who knows!) that two rounds of soaking with a bleach solution and a couple of Comet scrub downs have not gotten out. I've made a dent in them, but I'm not convinced I'm going about getting them out the right way. Any suggestions on how to get these stains off of this otherwise beautiful white sink?



Rust Stains in a White Sink

If the stain really is rust, unfortunately bleach will set it. So it may be too late to do anything. It's usually safe to try something like baking soda as an abrasive scrub if you aren't sure if something is rust. Sorry not too much help now! (08/27/2004)

By Katie

Rust Stains in a White Sink

Toilette bowl cleaner and a brush.. Be sure to use gloves when scrubbing or squirt on and let sit overnight. Then brush and rinse with lots of water. (08/27/2004)

By Michaela

Rust Stains in a White Sink

I have usede a product called "ZUD", it comes in a can like comet..and it works great. You can even make a paste and let it sit on your stains. (08/27/2004)

By Faithful

Rust Stains in a White Sink

Rub gently with 'wet and dry' sandpaper. It may have a different name in the USA but any sandpaper with a grit of 600 or greater. As the name suggests it can be used with water and does not damage the surface. It can also be used on 'toilet rings'. Much less toxic and cheaper than buying chemicals.


Jo (08/27/2004)

By Jo Bodey

Rust Stains in a White Sink

I've used a product called Lime Away with good results, of course a lot of elbow grease and a good brush along with it. (08/27/2004)

By Ann

Rust Stains in a White Sink

I had the same problem in our old farm house tub when we moved in (from rust). I bought a bottle of The Works tub/shower cleaner at Rural King or Dollar General has it too-less then $4. Every time I walked by I would spray some on the stain, it eventually just ate it off. Took maybe 1/2 the bottle, stain had been there a loooooooooong time. Just keep letting it soak. Make sure to rinse it really good and wash with some soap after. I've used this product on lots of things and it's always worked. The Works for the toilets works great too. Good luck:) (08/28/2004)


Rust Stains in a White Sink

SnoBol. It literally "melts" the rust away. Just be careful. Keep the water running or this stuff may eat into the porcelain....I don't know for sure, but it sure was the answer to my prayers when I needed to remove years worth of rust from a double shower and various sinks in the house. No scrubbing. (08/28/2004)

By mperrin.2

Rust Stains in a White Sink

"The Works" is the best I've used. It's far better that Lime Away. Use heavy rubber gloves! I've used "The Works" for toilets (great job removing tough rings), for tub and shower (removing mineral deposits), window cleaner.
I've not used "ZUD" yet, but want to try it. I was told it would remove rust spots that are appearing on my oneida flatware when it comes out of the dishwasher. (09/24/2004)

By Oscar

Rust Stains in a White Sink

Rust in sinks, bathtubs, etc. is usually caused from a bacteria that grows in the hotwater heater. You can find out more from a hotwater heater manfacturer. I learned this from information I found on the website. You can clean it but if you don't correct the problem then the rust will return. (01/30/2005)

By Allen

Rust Stains in a White Sink

"The Works" Toilet cleaner got rid of rust in my white sink within a few minutes. Purchased at Dollar General for a buck or two. Great Stuff! (02/12/2005)

By Hack

Rust Stains in a White Sink

Thanks to reading about "The Works" on your site, my sink came clean. The rust disappeared with a minimal amount of effort. The cost was little for such wonderful results. Thank you again. (08/07/2005)

By Patty D

Rust Stains in a White Sink

I've used just about everything to get the rust stains out of my white kitchen sink. After reading a few posts, I found out about BarKeepers Friend. I let it sit in for about 5 minutes, scrubed and rinsed. I didn't even have to scrub hard, it all just came off! I was amazed :) (01/22/2006)

By HTStylez

Rust Stains in a White Sink

I use a product called "Whink" Rust and Stain Remover. It is a brown plastic bottle with a white cap. Look for it at Home Depot, Menard's, Lowe's. Put some on a soft white cloth and rub. (04/12/2006)

By clarissa

Thank you for the feedback!!!!

I wanted to purchase a porcelain sink but was afraid of it staining. This page has helped me to make a decision on getting it anyway, confidently knowing that I will be able to keep it clean!!!! (10/27/2006)

By Tina

Rust Stains in a White Sink

Toothpaste and baking soda.Mix into a paste, dab it on dry and then scrub and rinse! For a panic situation. (09/22/2007)

By kimberely

Rust Stains in a White Sink

I just used toothpaste. Left it on for a few minutes and rubbed off. It worked like a charm and I didn't have to buy anything new! My rust stain was new, though, so this may not be as helpful for older stains. (05/15/2008)

By mm in dc

Rust Stains in a White Sink

Toothpaste and baking soda work great! It also worked for rust stains on my counter top. Just put the toothpaste on the stain first, then rub a bit of baking soda on top to make a paste. Leave on for a couple of minutes, scrub a bit, and it's gone!
And these were old rust stains that I had tried removing various ways! (11/13/2008)

By Chele

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