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Shopping for Clip-on Stirrups to Keep Pants Inside Boots

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I need your help. Years ago (the 80s or so) there were these things for sale that helped straight leg pants stay securely tucked in your boots. They were black elastic, about 6 inches long and they had a metal clamp on each end that hooked to the bottom of your pants. The elastic went under the foot like a stirrup. I forget what they were called, but it's the same principle as the corner holders for bedsheets (those don't work for this, I tried).

Has anyone seen them lately or know that they are called so I can do a search? Please help, when my jeans ride up inside my boots and it's driving me crazy. Thank you all!

By Sandy from Pittsburgh


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By SanDiegogirl02/04/2012

No not the motorcycle shops. That's a different thing. I'm looking for the same thing. I used them when I was a kid too. You're in Pittsburgh? check out:
Click around and it says that Zipper Blues in Pittsburgh carries them. (Try finding them in San Diego!)
Good luck!

By Pam Miller [2]01/07/2011

Try a bike or motorcycle accessory shop, they may carry them. I know several bike riders that wear them.

By jean leiner [14]01/05/2011

They were called pants clips, and I don't believe they are sold anymore, In places that sell bedding, I have seen clips for holding sheets on the mattress, and I have seen and bought clips to hold the cover on the ironing board. Perhaps you may be able to find some of these. To make your own, try taking 2 large safety pins per leg and a strip of wide(1.5 or 2 inches) elastic, pin one end to the out side of the jeans leg, and then put the elastic under your foot, and pin to the inner jeans leg, Cut the elastic to that length and repeat for the other leg. This will work temporarily.

By Melanie Jackson [1]01/05/2011

Could you try making a pair for yourself? That's what I usually do, when I can't find something that I need. Sorry I can't be of more help!

By Lisa [2]01/04/2011

I think I remember those. But I don't remember what they were called. If I remember correctly, the clips were like what is used for suspenders. Could you modify a pair of suspenders?

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