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Crabapples for Pest Control

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We recently bought a house sight unseen, we later found out that there was an infestation of cock roaches, and termites. We bought everything on the market for the cockroaches. My grandmother told me to cut some crabapples (hedge apples?) in half and put a half of the crabapple where I had seen the roaches, well I did not believe that it would work, well it did! We no longer have the roaches or the termites! Be careful, the crabapples are poisonous to animals and humans! I hope that this helps you all.

By jamie


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By Muchael (Guest Post)10/30/2008

The correct name is hedgeapples for insect repelling, crab apples for eating. Hedgeapples are not poisonous. They were believed to be because they have killed both cows and horses.
The animals died from renal gas build up caused by getting an apple caught in their throat.

By crabapples for sale (Guest Post)10/28/2008

I have a backyard full of crabapples and I HAD a spider problem. I sliced about 12 of them open and placed them in corners of my house, under my children beds and in my closests. I haven't seen a spider in months. If you want to buys some of my crabapples I will ship you out some call me Walter 816-560-0362

By BooRadley07/30/2008

Crabapples are edible. Here is a pic:

Horseapples are what you are talking about for roaches. Here is a pic:

Oner of the official names these trees go by is 'Osage Orange'. Here is a link to the wikipedia entry:

Great tip, though.

By Boopsee (Guest Post)06/05/2008

Lemon Pledge is something spiders hate. They love cardboard boxes. WHERE DO YOU FIND HEDGE APPLES??

By Tanya (Guest Post)07/02/2007

"The idea of hedge apples sounds good, but WHERE does a person in Minnesota find these in June? Any other effective ways to get rid of large spiders? I am desperate!!!!"

I have found them at Kowalski's in Woodbury. They are not in season until August though.

By Petersen (Guest Post)10/03/2006

Crabapples are very different from hedgeapples. Crabapples are edible usually made into jelly. Hedge apples grow on osage orange trees and are known to repel spiders. Osage orange trees grow wild here in south central Nebraska.

By carolyn (Guest Post)09/10/2006

I live in Fresno California and i have never heard of those, where can I get them? We are starting to have a problem with roaches and ants.

By Vickie Erickson (Guest Post)06/26/2006

The idea of hedge apples sounds good, but WHERE does a person in Minnesota find these in June? Any other effective ways to get rid of large spiders? I am desperate!!!!

By HollyW10/25/2005

I put several hedge applies around my house, in small bags lined with aluminum foil. After several days, we noticed lots of gnats flying around. Is there anything special you have to do to keep the hedge apples free from gnats?

By Holly [349]08/02/2005

To keep those roaches away, spray boric acid powder into cracks and crevices around the house, kitchen cupboards. Keep it dry, so do this after washing down the cabinets.

By Mairmie (Guest Post)08/02/2005

I believe you meant hedge apples for pests. As for crabapples; they make the best jelly, pickled crabapples etc.

By Susan Sanders-Kinzel [9]08/01/2005

Here's a tip for a free way to rid your home of fleas, ticks and spiders. Gather crabapples (also called horse apples) when they fall - usually around this time of year. Cut them in half and place them around your baseboards. These insects hate the scent of them and will leave in a hurry! I once freed a mobile home of flea infestation using this method, it works really well!

By Glynda Lomax

By Barbara (Guest Post)05/03/2005

Which is it? Hegde apples or crab apples? I have an awful fear and want to keep them out of my car. I'm afraid of killing myself or someone else on the road one day b/c one is in my car.

By jeanie (Guest Post)11/18/2004

I think you meant 'hedgeapples' not crabapples. Crabapples are for eating. Hedgeapples fall from hedge trees and are not eatable.

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