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Keeping Yorkie's Hair Out of It's Face

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My husband got me a Yorkie puppy that is 3 months old. She likes her bath but she hates for me to brush her. I brush her everyday thinking she will get use to it but she hasn't. Her hair is getting matted and I need to know how to get it out. I put a clip bow in her hair but she takes it out right away. Is there anything else I can use so the hair stays out of her face?

Kathy from Edmond, OK



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By pago08/16/2011

Try a very soft brush. One that you'd use on a toddler, as yorkies have very tiny and sensitive heads. Also, use a puppy de-tangler to pre-treat the matted hair, then slowly comb out with wide tooth comb or soft bristle brush. Avoid putting any clothes on the dog (unless it is extremely cold or raining out). Also, remove harness when indoors to avoid more matting.

By Cassie (Guest Post)02/14/2009

Oh No! My puppy is just 4 months old and just went for his first grooming. I too wanted the hair out of his face so I had the groomer give my Dallas what they call a puppy cut and they cut the hair between the snout in front of the eyes. Is he going to be ok? I didn't know that was not a good thing to do.

By Patty (Guest Post)12/08/2008

Cutting your yorkie's hair is fine, just don't cut any of the hair on it's snout in front of the eyes. It will grow back in and irritate your baby's sensitive eyes. Happy Holidays!

RE: Keeping Yorkie's Hair Out of It's Face

By Camille [1]11/13/2008

We have a Shorkie puppy - it's a mix of Yorkie and Shih Tzu. I choose for him not to have a long coat and no top knot - way too much work and he's a fun family pet not a show dog. I trim him myself (much cheaper, check Walmart online, they are about $50-$60). It took time to train myself and him but we're doing fine now. When I was learning how to trim/brush him I made a "bad behavior" sound when he was fighting me - just a sharp sound in your throat. It's stops him flat. Now when I show him the comb he smells it for a bit then turns around for me to brush him! I need someone to hold him for me when I trim his face and feet but otherwise I do it all myself. He looks a bit like Benji, the picture was from Halloween - he's the football to my daughter's football player costume.

My suggestion for you is to have patience but definitely be the one in control. The more you allow her to behave badly the more she's in control. You're so lucky she likes her bath!

RE: Keeping Yorkie's Hair Out of It's Face

By Mustard (Guest Post)11/12/2008

If you dont mind simply cutting her hair, that may be the best bet. Cooler in the summer an in the winter she probably stays inside. But when she goes out she can wear a cute sweater or something.

By Linda Jones [13]11/12/2008

Cowboy Magic is a cream that you can take a dime sized drop on your hands and massage into her coat. It has silicon in it and this is the stuff groomers and dog show people use, It will help to make the mats come out easier. There are some special brushes made to get out the mats as well.
I use the covered elastics on top of my Maltese's head (which is why my friend calls him, Palmtree). I gather his hair in one or two little bunches. He's adorable.
Sorry, I can't seem to find the picture on this computer.

By Barbara Snyder [9]11/11/2008

I agree with the first one I have a wired terrier mixed (make sure you know what you are getting into when you get one of them they are a handful) I just give her a bath using my daughter's suave kids shampoo. Yes she does not like it either does my daughter yes she hates getting her hair brush same with my daughter and both do not wear the barrettes why bother both hate them and I could care less. When daughter's bangs get to long she goes to the cut and curl and a quick snip hates it too and the dog I quick do a snip snip around her eyes and in the summer the grommers for a good hair cut because of too hot.

By Lelia Jo Cordell [49]11/11/2008

I agree with the idea of doggie creme rinse to help prevent matts and make grooming easier. Use a conditioner made for children if you like. If you can't afford or don't want to pay a groomer, try a "slicker" brush. However, Yorkies and other dogs whose hair hangs in their faces were made that way. The hair doesn't interfere with your doggie baby's vision, it protects it. We owned Lhasa Apsos (Tibetan terriers, about 12 lbs) when I was a "tween" until I was 15, and never bothered our little walking dust mops with hair bows, barettes, or anything.

By lesley [1]11/11/2008

Covered elastics can be used to make a "bunch" between her ears. Also, small hair clips/barrettes. Any $$ store carried a multitude of styles. Both will keep your dogs hair out of her eyes. Good Luck

By Patricia11/11/2008

I have a teacup Poodle that I bought from an out of state breeder & he was on the plane many hours longer than he should have been. He hates loud noises and I tried the bath, which wasn't too bad but when it came to the grooming, cutting, etc.

I just found it much easier to take him to the groomers and they always fall in love with him & say that he is so easy to work with, but I guess it is like a kid & maybe I just let him get away with bad behavior right away. Anyway, yes it is pricey (I live on a pension) to take him to the groomer but it saves on my nerves & my back to do just that and we are both happy.

By lesley [1]11/11/2008

I would suggest you clip (very carefully) the mattes. Get her a "Furminator" comb. They are incredible, and a natural bristle brush.
Also, see if there are any animal entangling products for after her bath, that might help keep her hair smooth and easier to groom. Make grooming very light weight and fun, so that you can build up her confidence. Mattes can be quite painful to deal with. Good Luck

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