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Decorating Tips for a Navy Sofa

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I have a navy sofa and I want to redecorate my living room. I want to keep the room as natural looking as possible but I also want the room to feel warm! Any ideas would be gratefully received :0)





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By Carolyn (Guest Post)11/24/2008

Navy is such beautiful and classic color. I've always felt you can never go wrong with Navy. Depending on the space you are using (spacious or small area) keep the walls white or light blue, yellow or even khaki with white borders if the room is small because, dark walls will close the room making it appear smaller. Top it off Dark brown wood furniture and a light color (multi blues, beige, tan area rug) with stark white lamps. Solid white sheer or silk curtains with color walls and color curtains with white walls.

By Penny Diggs (Guest Post)01/29/2007

I have a navy blue leather furniture and purchased some beautiful curtains this weekend(bronze) and would love to do some chocolate brown(decor). any other suggestions?

By PennyD (Guest Post)01/25/2007

I am having similar issues - but with all of your help- I think that my problems are solved - I have navy blue leather furniture in my living room so i am thinking that i will add some chocolate brown tables and tan/light brown window treatments- what do you guys think - and for a punch here and there some greenery. HELP!

By enya (Guest Post)01/11/2006

Go for a Nautical theme... with Blues and Whites

By Rebecca (Guest Post)10/02/2005

I am struggling with the same issue. Originally bought a navy blue couch and chair to do an "India" theme with blues, purples, and oranges . I bought tapestries from India on ebay. I painted the walls medium blue and used dark walnut woods. I have had many positive comments. Now I want more light for a reading room instead of kickback TV room. I'm ready for change, and am absorbing these great ideas - keep them coming!

By Cathy Taylor [1]03/05/2005

Sorry, I haven't replied for a while.
Thank you so much for giving me your time and thoughts. You have been very, very helpful!! Now I have got to choose which look to go for!! Hahahahaa.
Thank you once again. You are so very kind. xxx

By Gina (Guest Post)02/08/2005

I'm an interior designer. In my sunroom, I have a
navy sofa and have used bright green (more blue
than yellow in the green; think forest green) decorative pillows. Two arm chairs are covered in
blue and white ticking. Navy, green and white
decorative pillows would also work well, and the
fabric will be easy to find.

By (Guest Post)02/07/2005

Don't know what you would think of this, but sky blue, navy, and chocoate brown look beautiful together. Pull some color swatches together and see what you think!

By prov.31 (Guest Post)02/02/2005

Hi:) I just saw this similar dilema on "Design On A Dime" t.v. show just a few days ago. They had a blue couch and used a couple of warm tan shades and also incorporated the same blue of the couch into a beautiful 4 square block painting above the fireplace which really tied the blue of the couch into the room. They also used decorative pillows and a throw to combine the was very warm and cozy! Maybe you could go to their website and see the finished results.

By Cathy Taylor [1]02/01/2005

Cavelady, that is wonderful!!
I love the thought of adding Olive greens etc, that sounds wonderful! I never thought of that!!
Now I am excited.
Any more ideas would be gratefully received.
Isn't this site great??
Cath x

By Denise Sumpter Foy01/31/2005

Think neutral colors and textured fabrics, ecrus, tans, kakhis, olive green. The chromatic color match is yellow but think sunflower yellow, butter yellow. I just read in a magaaine about using "fuzzy" materials; cotton throws and pillows. Think also light woods like pine or wicker or ratan. To add a splash of color, think reds with patterns incorporating the above colors. However, if you want to brighten the room even more, you could do a sort of east coast, nautical theme. Navy and white stripes for curtains, seashell or fish patterns; think fishermen when it comes to accessories; creels, netting, portal window shaped mirrors, a lobster trap table with a glass top, natural, grass rug; stay away from red as an accent unless you want a "patriotic" room; go with yellows, this time brighter ones like mustard or citrus yellow. Remember, when decorating a room, keep the eye going up. Its all about lines, colors, texture. If you have a favorite pillow or throw, use it as your color pallet and match everything from this one piece.

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