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Nicotine Stains on Blinds


How do you clean nicotine stains on vertical blinds?

Paul from Ocala, FL


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By Allison 21 158 12/27/2006

Try Scrubbing Bubbles bathroom cleaner.

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By Judy (Guest Post) 12/28/2006

I've used laundry detergent and oxy in the bathtub. I drip dry them off the edge of our deck in the good weather. They seem to come pretty clean but not "new" looking.

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By (Guest Post) 12/29/2006

I like Fantastic cleaner. Spray it on and hose it off!

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By Arlene (Guest Post) 12/29/2006

I use powder dishwashing detergent dissolved in hot water to clean my blinds. Perhaps you could use the liquid dishwashing detergent also. Lay newspapers under the blinds and spray the detergent full strength or diluted in hot water on the blinds. Spray with clear water to rinse if necessary. Wipe excess moisture from bottoms of blinds as they drip dry.

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By Kim McGrantham 16 160 12/29/2006

If you dont want to take them down, just use bathroom wipes. They work great on blinds.

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By Cyinda 214 1,287 12/29/2006

I took mine down, hung them on the line outside (or on your bathroom shower curtain pole) & sprayed them with straight SIMPLE GREEN, waited about 1/2 an hour then hosed them down. Amazing! They looked like new (My blinds were made from fabric)

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By Donna (Guest Post) 08/09/2008

For vinyl blinds, I used baby wipes dipped in a mixture of Borax and water, and it did a very good job of getting nicotine off the blinds.

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By helpmeclean 2 09/30/2014

I've tried everything I've read on the internet with not much success. The cigarette build-up was pretty bad to the point the plastic/vinyl blinds were dark brown and icky. The only solution I found to work was running hot water in my bath tub, placing the blinds in the hot water and adding pure bleach! Swish them around some, let sit a while then rinse and wipe dry. Super easy (compared to a lot of elbow grease). If I have only a couple of blinds I want to clean, I fill my kitchen sink with hot water, add the blinds then add the bleach. Swish & let sit for a bit, checking to see if the stains are gone. When gone, rinse and dry.

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