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Ideas for Themed Gift Baskets for School Auction

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I need some ideas for themed gift baskets for our school auction. I have a beauty and a gardening basket, but I am looking for some other creative ideas that would auction well. Thank you in advance for your great ideas.

By Angie from Cleveland, TN


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By Brenda Wilson [17]08/27/2014

At our school we had an Ohio State themed basket (you can do it for whatever team is popular in your area.) Also a basket that contained about ten or more gift cards from local restaurants, or other stores like Wal Mart etc.

Another popular one was a school mascot themed basket. Ours is Black Bears - it contained a t-shirt with the school mascot, pencils, hats, badges, or anything available with the school name on it. Another one was a baby theme with different baby products, a gardeners basket or some other hobby. There are lots of good themes if you just think about them.

By Patricia Hamm [4]09/29/2010

You can do a scrapbooking basket with all kinds of paper; stickers; etc.

By Linda [38]09/29/2010

A Movie Basket, made with popcorn bags, soft drinks, candy bars/boxes (I love to mix milk duds with my popped corn). A video or two, endless.

By Cathy Hurley 09/27/2010

Some suggestions would be a craft basket with craft items or scrap booking, Knitting basket, holiday basket which would include decorations or paper goods for a holiday (there are so many to choose from).

By Sandy Gerber [22]09/27/2010

I've seen baskets with a color scheme even where everything in it has to be that color.
Boys basket
Girls basket
Teens basket
Home office basket
Picnic basket
Gourmet basket
Wine and cheese basket
Football basket
Healthy living basket
Bears basket
Fishing basket
At the cabin basket
The sky is the limit! Have fun!

By Sandy Gerber [22]09/27/2010

Camping basket, family game night, cooking, night on the town (gift certs).

By Lindsey09/27/2010

You cook do a "pampering" or spa basket. Bath salts, lotion, eye pillow. That may be very similar to your beauty basket though. You could do a coffee/tea basket. Different flavors of coffee or tea, new mug or tea cup, biscotti. I love the movie night basket suggested by Ilove2sew932, great idea!

By MotherShip [8]09/26/2010

At our school, there were baskets for: Pet Lover, pet toys, snacks, mini books on how to care for a pet, etc. Also other hobbies for people who love to fish, golf, watch football, soccer, etc., and dessert themes like all chocolate desserts, salty snacks, people who want to be healthy, etc.

By Marilyn Steckly [10]09/26/2010

You could make a cook's baking gift basket with raisins, muffin mixes, pecans, cake mixes, icing tubs, cookie cutters, colourful cake sprinkles, wooden spoons, spatula, cupcake papers, pie filling can, graham cracker crumbs boxes, cooking pie filling boxes, etc. For a family movie night basket put one or a few of the latest comical family movies, microwave pop corn packages, plastic bowl, licorice, m&m's, juice boxes, etc.

An Art's n Craft Basket, with a small paint by numbers kit, Sketch Pad, Sketching Pencils, Tracing Paper, Coloring Books, Crayons, Coloured Pencils, Play Craft Scissors, Coloured Paper Pads, Felt Pieces, Glitter, Foam Shapes of Butterflies, lady bugs etc, Beads, Small Cross Stitch kits, Small Seasonal Crafts Kits, like plastic canvas and Christmas Colours yarn. etc. Make sure to put the age range bracket the Art's n Craft Basket is suitable for.
I hope these ideas help you. Have fun creating the baskets. :)

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