Removing Hard Water Stains


I have a well and the water tends to leave a rusty color on everything, including my sun room windows. They look like they are tinted. I have tried everything. What will clean this rusty residue off my windows?



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At one time I owned a janitor service. When there was anything on a window that was hard to remove, I would use fine steel wool, sometimes it helps to wet it slightly. I'm not talking about steel wool soap pads. You can find fine steel wool at hardware stores like Home Depot. This is a lot of work, so only go to this method if you can't find a cleaner that will work for you.

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By Elaine 173 890 07/27/2010

I am not much help with this. I used to have shower door and I swore I would never have them again. I now have a shower curtain that I can replace much more cheaply than shower doors when the begin to look bad.

Bar Keepers Friend, as someone suggested is an excellent product. I use it also on my cooktop stove.

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Archive: Removing Hard Water Stains From Glass Shower and Tub Doors

Can anyone PLEASE tell me how to remove hard water stains/soap scum from my shower doors?


Archive: Removing Hard Water Stains From Glass Shower and Tub Doors

Our shower door seems to be etched with hard water stains. Nothing I have tried will remove.


Archive: Removing Hard Water Stains from Glass Shower and Tub Doors

I have ugly, hard water stains on my glass shower stall. I'd like a more permanent solution than wiping, squeegeeing or spraying after each shower. I have been using a Peroxide/water mix (1/2-1/2). This is actually great for your whole home, though it doesn't look like much. But I'd like something more long lasting for the shower. Thanks!

MJ from Las Vegas, NV

RE: Removing Hard Water Stains From Glass Shower and Tub Doors

You squeegee and does a glass come clear? if not it may be permanently etched and if glass is not been permanently try dampening paper towels with white vinegar in sticking them to the glass and if that doesn't work try Lime away on paper towel stuck to the glass if that still doesn't work it sounds like there permanently etched. If they are permanently etched put a thin film of baby oil over the whole surface (you can do this to a stainless steel also) if you own your home you can always go to the crafts store and get etching cream and paint the doors so there permanently etched you could either stencil or hand paint the designs to match your decor.

Just be sure to follow the directions and wipe off as much as you can before rinsing and don't let it get on the ceramic, if you have fiberglass you need not worry. (02/21/2009)


RE: Removing Hard Water Stains from Glass Shower and Tub Doors

Eureka! We found a cleaner for really hard water stains by accident! Our hard water is so bad, (Everybody cheer, "How Hard IS It?')we had to put our dogs on bottled water, and us, too. One dog had to eat a special Science Diet Formula for one entire month. That cost money.

We always use Oxi Clean in our laundry or our clothes would be red-brown colored. One night, my husband took a little tub and soaked his white coat in it overnight. (He works for a Doctor,) the next morning, I noticed CLEAN streaks in our bathtub! I took some oxi clean, wet it a little with a cleaning rag, and wow, our tub was clean!

One lady told us to use a brand of cleaner that makes me gag, it does clean, but whoa, the chemical smell! I also like Bar Keepers Friend for my pots and pans, but nothing can get rid of this, until I used Oxi Clean Versatile. I thought I was going to faint, and it wasn't from fumes, it was how easily it cleaned the bathtub in such a short time. Minutes compared to days.

I was distraught over our bathtub, and I let it go. Then I spent three days scrubbing it, with the bathroom window open and was overcome by fumes, not to mention I had to go to the store and buy a scrubber brush, and even with lots of elbow grease, I was getting nowhere in a hurry. I truly wanted to cry. Then the Oxi Clean Versatile incident, and I haven't been afraid of my bathtub since! Our water is so hard (again "How Hard Is It?") that the oxi clean didn't immediately remove the stain right at the bathtub faucet, but it immediately cleaned the entire bathtub, and no smell, no horrible chemical odor smell! I will continue using oxi clean versatile to clean my bathtub. (02/21/2009)

By Carol L.

RE: Removing Hard Water Stains from Glass Shower and Tub Doors

Vinegar and a scrubbie is all you need, towel dry. (02/23/2009)

By Luckyonetexas

RE: Removing Hard Water Stains from Glass Shower and Tub Doors

I work for a cleaning company it was mentioned that WD-40 would take off hard water fast. I figured it wouldn't hurt to try. We wanted to replace it before too long when we remodel so I got my husband to get what he had in the garage an I sprayed it on the class doors went to get a steel wool scratcher and by the time I got back to the bathroom, I just barely rubbed it and flakes the size of my palm began to just fall off. It really works. Pass it on I'm going to get a full can and do the rest. Good luck, Barbara (03/21/2009)

By Sally_Admin

RE: Removing Hard Water Stains from Glass Shower and Tub Doors

Hi everybody, I have a nice costly mirror in my bathroom which had many hard water stains which just seemed to be etched into glass surface. After trying a number of cleaning agents and other methods without success, I practically found that best idea to completely remove the hard water stains off the mirrors and glass windows is to gently rub a high density sandpaper of grade 600 or above with a little water. No other product or method is so successful.

So friends, just don't waste your valuable time and money on anything else. Narinder (05/30/2009)


Archive: Removing Hard Water Stains from Showers and Tubs

To remove hard water stains from your shower all you need is Barkeepers Friend. Also works well on enclosed cook tops.

By onelady from TX

RE: Removing Hard Water Stains from Showers and Tubs

I live in Hawaii and have used a product called MX-7 (for glass) on an old truck that had years of hard water spot buildup on all the exterior glass. It took the hard water spots off with little elbow grease. When my son bought a place in Las Vegas a year ago, I looked all over the valley for this product, but couldn't find it. I finally found it at one of the local hardware stores (Ace). They just started carrying it. I used it on his shower door and enclosure and like my truck, all the hard water spots came off. I then applied Rainx, bought a squeegee, and will be praying. (06/05/2009)

By Russ808702

RE: Removing Hard Water Stains from Showers and Tubs

Tried most of comments still didn't work on tiles in shower. Thought of 3m rubbing compound fine cut. A few drops on the tile and rub and it got most of it out first time. Went back over a second time and cleared up almost all of hard water stains over last decade. Next put wax on. (07/21/2009)

By jspain

Archive: Removing Hard Water Stains from Showers and Tubs

A while ago I asked for shower cleaning products for hard water. I got Greased Lightening and I can't remember the other and lost the paper. Something like Good Stuff or Clean Stuff? Could you please help?


Archive: Removing Hard Water Stains from Showers and Tubs

I am having a problem with my glass shower doors. They feel clean so I think it's hard water stains. I have tried lots of things and am now wondering if I will have to replace them.


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