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Can I Substitute Tomato Juice for Tomato Sauce in Recipes?

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I need a lot of tomato sauce for my OAMC (once a month cooking) sessions and I have tons of tomato juice and V8. Can I use this instead of tomato sauce (which I'd have to buy)? I know the V8 has more flavor and it's fine with me. I am thinking about the consistency.


By Mindy


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By christine M. Thayer [2]08/11/2010

Tomato juice is only juice & maybe salt. Tomato sauce has spices in it & it has a particular taste. If the recipe calls for the sauce, I'd go buy it.

By Tracy Baker08/11/2010

As the other posters mentioned, juice has more water than sauce. As an alternative to cooking it down to the texture you need, you could decrease other liquids in a recipe.

By jenny [3]08/10/2010

Tomato sauce has the water already cooked out of it where the juice does not. if you ad juice as a sub. you would have to cook until the liquid is gone to get the consistency you are looking for. I would suggest using sauce

By Patricia Eldridge08/10/2010

You could add some tomato paste to the recipe to thicken it.

By jaelae08/10/2010

I've used both as a substitute. Just simmer them down to the right consistency (either before or with whatever your cooking as long as cooking it for awhile for ruin it).

By PENNY K [15]08/10/2010

You might have to simmer the juices alone first so they are the consistency you want, and then add them. Otherwise if you add them to the whole recipe, you might overcook everything as you wait for it to cook down.

I love both juices, and sorry to say, have not been happy with using the v8 in recipes. It's flavor is unique and didn't seem to blend into the right taste.However I didn't cook it down first. But try it in something you think it would work in maybe in a small batch. The tomato juice should work fine I would think.

By ayesha christmas [35]08/10/2010

I think V8 would be really nutritious as a substitute. If you want a thicker consistency just let it cook a little longer and more of the water will evaporate and give a thicker sauce.

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