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Fragrance Lamp Oil Recipe

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Does anyone have directions for making my own catalyst lamp oil?

By Debbie from Perham, MN


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By Angel03/25/2010

I have just brought my first oil lamp but it there a difference in a fragrance lamp and an oil lamp you light to show a flam. Also I have the one that produces a flame, Can i and fragrance-essential oils to it to develop a sent, and if so which ones and which light oils can essentials be added to. I like amber essential oils,

RE: Fragrance Lamp Oil Recipe


Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the feedback that was provided then.

Archive: Fragrance Lamp Fuel Recipe

I am looking for fragrance lamp fuel recipe.

Mimi-v from Monroe, LA

Fragrance Lamp Fuel Recipe

  • 16 FL OZ. ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL 91% VOL. (473 ml) (Do not use "ethyl" or any other type of alcohol.)

  • .3 OZ. OF FRAGRANCE OIL (8.86 ml) Add more oil if you want a stronger scent. Try adjusting by increasing fragrance oil at .1 oz. increments.
I buy the alcohol at Wal-Mart. The fragrance oil (.3 oz) equals 1 3/4 teaspoons. So far I have tried different brands of fragrance oils without any problems. I did discover that some oils are more potent than others and I had to dilute it with more alcohol. I add the oil right to the alcohol bottle and then label the bottle with the name of the fragrance. My friend bought her oil on E-bay and got a very good deal. She only uses one scent. Not like me, I have about ten different scents that I use. So far, I really like my fragrance lamp. I only have it but a few months. I'm wondering how long the stone will last. I guess time will tell. (12/07/2005)

By mkymlp

RE: Fragrance Lamp Fuel Recipe

Has anyone tried this? I just got a Lampe Berger and have really enjoyed using it. I will try this recipe out and repost about how it went. (01/02/2006)

By smcarney

RE: Fragrance Lamp Fuel Recipe

Has this recipe worked for anyone so far? I thought I read that Lampe Berger Lamps don't use oil and may not work. (01/04/2006)

By mgriggs59

RE: Fragrance Lamp Fuel Recipe

I used a little bottle of the Christmas Joy oil, that someone had given me a couple of years ago, with 16 ozs. 91% alcohol from Walmart. It really smells nice. My price was about $1.00. (03/17/2006)

By Shirley Burks

RE: Fragrance Lamp Fuel Recipe

I made the fuel just like the recipe 91% alcolol and fragrance with the fragrance. It works well the first light but the second light it does not. Does anyone know why? I am have to alternate the store brand and the homemade brand to keep the stone working. (03/30/2006)

By debbie in texas

RE: Fragrance Lamp Fuel Recipe

I tried this recipe and my stone no longer works. Maybe it was just time to replace my stone. (06/07/2006)

By Jeeper mom

Archive: Fragrance Lamp Oil Recipe

Can you use candle fragrance oil in lamp oil?


Archive: Fragrance Lamp Oil Recipe

I need a recipe for essential oil fragrance for catalyst burner. Can anyone help?

By superduper665 from Mt. Pleasant, TX

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