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Refrigerator Is Freezing Food

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Refrigerator Is Freezing Food

Sometimes you may find that your refrigerator has begun to freeze the food inside. This guide contains troubleshooting tips if your refrigerator is freezing food.



Here are questions related to Refrigerator Is Freezing Food.

Question: Refrigerator is Freezing Food

The food in the fridge is starting to freeze even though it's not in the freezer, what can I do?

By Mary from Toronto


Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]01/05/2015

Have you checked the controls in the refrigerator to make sure you have not accidentally turned it up so that it is colder? Before you call a repairperson, I would advise doing the simple things that others have suggested. See if the freezer is overloaded, check the vents to see if they are dusty and clogged, and check the dial that controls the temp.

Question: Refrigerator Is Freezing Food

My refrigerator is freezing everything, is there a way we can fix it ourselves?

By Denise from Fresno, CA


Most Recent Answer

By Pam [7]05/20/2010

I don't know if this might help solve your problem or not but my fridge freezes things when the air flow vents become blocked with stored items. The air from the freezer circulates through the vents to cool your refrigerator. If I store an item in front of the vent it prevents the free flow of the cooled air thus freezing items in the refrigerator. Mine has the vents right at shelf height (poor design!!) so blocking them is easy to do without realizing it. I went to WalMart's kitchen storage area and bought a 3-pack of the white long narrow kitchen drawer organizers that have the holes in the sides, maybe a dollar or so for the 3-pack. I took one and turned it upside down in front of each of the vents to prevent a stored item from blocking the flow. Seems to help :) Good Luck!

Question: Frigidaire Fridge Freezes Food

If the lowest part of the refrigerator temp. is 41 degrees how can it freeze food?

By Charlie c

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]06/21/2014

After looking at the title, I think your question is that food is freezing, but the temp says only 41. Two things come to mind. One, that the thermometer is not working properly. Second, that there are sections of the frig that are colder than where the thermometer is. I have found that food jammed up near the top, where the freezer is located on older frigs, is often colder than near the bottom. Most are like that. If things are freezing all over, like your milk, for example, turn the thermostat up a slight bit. You can have them set too cold.

Question: Fridge Keeps Running and Freezing Food

My fridge won't stop running and it's freezing food.

By Jen

Most Recent Answer

By Abigail A. [8]01/28/2015

That doesn't sound good! Before you call the repair guy, google your fridge's brand name and see if they have an online troubleshooting forum.

Question: Refrigerator Freezing

My fridge is freezing up, only in one side of the fridge. Could it be costing me more money on electric?

By Miss D Beaumont

Question: Food Freezing in Refrigerator Drawers

I have a side by side Amana. There are two drawers on the bottom and if I put food in there it freezes. The rest of the refrigerator is fine temperature wise.

By AKK from Boston, MA

Question: Using Food That Froze in Fridge

What can I do with fruit, etc. frozen in my fridge?

By Elizabeth H

Question: Fridge is Freezing Food

It is no longer under warranty, 4yrs, and the business that sold it, is no longer. I live in a small town. I ordered the part and changed the damper. It was tricky, but not rocket science. Everything is back on, but it has gone back to the teens again. I am beyond frustrated at this point. I had taken all the steps prior to part ordering, in order to fix. Nothing. Now what?

By Joanne

Question: Refrigerator Freezing Food on Bottom Shelf

My side by side Amana freezes food on the bottom shelf only. Not in the drawers under it or the shelves above.

By L.M.

Solutions: Refrigerator Is Freezing Food

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Archive: Refrigerator Is Freezing Food

We have a second fridge downstairs. It freezes everything I put in there unless it is a very hot, hot day. We have had it checked to see if it needed repairs and it does not. Is there anything I can do to prevent this? It certainly defeats the purpose of having an extra fridge when I have to throw out frozen items.

Thank You.

RE: Refrigerator Is Freezing Food

If this fridge is the newer, non-freon type, then what you have is poor design. I have the same situation in the back on the top and bottom shelves of my Kitchenaid, purchased because ours broke when the freon fridges had just been banned.

If still under warranty, complain loudly to the store manager, the manufacturer, until it is replaced (could be something simple). A friend of mine bought a Kenmore fridge with every problem you could think of and Sears replaced it for free after 3 repair calls.

Otherwise, make the best of a bad purchase and be sure to separate the food so that there is plenty of air flow from the vents and turn the dial to a warmer setting. (08/30/2005)

By Holly

RE: Refrigerator Is Freezing Food

Is the fridge in a garage? If it is not in an air conditioned area, it might be compensating for the hot air by over-cooling the food. (08/31/2005)

By elpasolady

RE: Refrigerator Is Freezing Food

If your fridge is freezing the food in the chilling compartment as well as the freezer, it means one thing--its thermostat isn't shutting down the compressor when the set temperature has been met. You stated that you had it checked by, I assume, a professional service technician. Being a retired tech myself, I'm surprised that he didn't check this out and discuss it with you.

Check the temperature in the freezer! If it is less than 10 degrees F., turn the thermostat to "warmer". If the temp in the freezer is 10 degrees F., leave it alone and go to the temp. control in the fridge, which is a damper that controls cold air flow from the freezer compartment. Close this damper until your temperature in the upper part of the refrigerator is 38 to 40 degrees F. If these efforts don't shut down the compressor and correct your problem, then the answer is simple. Your thermostat is bad and needs to be replaced. It isn't expensive, and should cost you less than the labor for a tech to install it. Good luck! (08/31/2005)

By Les

RE: Refrigerator Is Freezing Food

I think the first response sounds like the best solution. I have one that does the same thing so I'm planning on checking the thermostat! (02/22/2007)

By Tom

Archive: Refrigerator Is Freezing Food

My refrigerator is freezing my food.

By Styron from NC

RE: Refrigerator Is Freezing Food

Personally, I would check your temperature control before trouble shooting for problems because it's most likely just set too high. It depends on each refrigerator, but I keep my current one set at "5 and if I set it at "6" then the food on the top rack freezes. I've had others that needed to be set at "4" or "6" so you'll need to experiment. (11/06/2009)

By Deeli