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Cleaning White Film Off Fish Tank Hood

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What can I use to clean a fish tank hood/lighting that has white film over it. I cannot seem to find anything to take the white stuff off the black hood.




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By Karen [10]01/23/2008

I just read to use not iodized salt and rinse well to get rid of lime in a fish tank.

By Louise B. [5]01/22/2008

I agree with the vinegar. Usually the white film is lime scale from the water.

By rglrtmmy (Guest Post)01/22/2008

Use full strength white vinegar. Apply and let sit for a minute or two to work at the gunk. Then rinse.

By Linda (Guest Post)01/21/2008

Try soaking it in vinegar. Or laying a rag soaked in vinegar on it. Will take a few hours but it works for us.
Good luck.

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