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Long, long ago I had a little hand held "clicker" that you would use when shopping. As you put items into your cart you would click little buttons and it would continually add up your purchases. Unfortunately, it stopped working (they just don't make things to last like they used to!). I know that many people will suggest just using a calculator, but do you know how many times I accidently bump the clear button and lose my place?! If anyone knows about those little clickers and where to buy one, please let me know.




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By Lisa Kless 25 37 09/10/2006 Flag

The same thing happens to me when I use a calculator--glad to know I'm not the only one! I always add up my groceries as I shop because I only have a set amount that I can spend, so the "clicker" sounds great--I hope someone knows where to find one, because I'd be interested in one too!

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By Ashley Foster 2 17 09/10/2006 Flag

I don't know where you would purchase them... but my mom's and my solution to this problem ... We have a TI-83 calculator that we bought for my math class so I could have one at home and it doesn't total your number until you hit the = button..and it also has a "backspace" button if you accidently type the wrong #... if you turn it off, you can still get the last "equation" which would be all the prices back..It's really neat, for those who already have one..they are still like 80 something, but if you have one it's a good solution!

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By Sharon West 1 2 09/12/2006 Flag

You might try a store that sells knitting supplies. Knitters use counters similar to this to keep track of rows. You may want to look at some on the net before you make a trip to see if it's something you could make work for you.

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By Linda from Illinois (Guest Post) 09/12/2006 Flag

I just use my shopping list and write amounts on the side or back, rounding them off to nearest 25 cents. If item is .37 cents write down .50 cents, etc. Keep a running total as you go. It won't be exact but will br reasonably close.

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By lori macDonald 23 56 09/12/2006 Flag

I use my dollar calculator and add in groceries with tax figured in. Tax is almost 10 cents on the dollar here, so i just put in 1.10 if its like .99 cents, and keep going...just gotta be careful and not hurry too much. I let my husband run it one day and his fat fingers keyed in like 60 extra dollars, so he doesn't get to run it anymore!! If the item is like 1.50 , I add in 1.70 and so on and so forth. There is no way I would pay 80 bucks for a calculator even though it sounds more foolproof. I have been getting along just fine with mine and am usually within 50 cents or so. And yeah, I am definately on a fixed can't have those surprises at the register. Good luck guys. Don't know about this clicker, never heard of it.

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By GrammySheila (Guest Post) 09/12/2006 Flag

I remember the "clickers"! I don't know where you can still get them....maybe dollar stores??? I checked out Carol Wright, Lillian Vernon & Walter Drake online cataloges...none of them carry them any more.

Let me know if/where you find them, ok?
buddysbaby 143 @

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By susan 8 1,368 09/13/2006 Flag

I just use the margin of my shopping list to add my purchases and round things up to the nearest increment of .25--if something is 1.10, I add 1.25. It goes really fast this way. Although it doesn't give an exact amount, I get really close.

P.S.: There's a big difference in buying an $80 calculator and using one that's lying around the house. I have two--one that my son used in school, and the other that I used when I returned to school--at the same time, so we both needed one. Yes, it was an expensive purchase at the time, but I've used one continuously for 8 years, have dropped on it, had it kicked in the halls, etc, and have never had a problem with it--I swear it's made of steel. And it really does help that you can go back to see what has been added, clear a number out if you make a mistake and not lose any other info. Some features are pretty remarkable--if you are going to use them.

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By Susan Sanders-Kinzel 9 2,498 09/13/2006 Flag

They have a Handy Adder which is I think what you are looking for at:

Put Adder in the search box and it will come up.
Susan from ThriftyFun

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By Karen (Guest Post) 09/13/2006 Flag

Try Vermont Country Store online, they have all kinds of older things that we miss.

And I would sign in but there is a problem with that everytime I try. So it is posted as a guest. Help...:)

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By SARA (Guest Post) 09/13/2006 Flag


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By Paula 14 328 09/13/2006 Flag

The Handy Adder is it!! Thank you, that is what I was looking for!

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By bonnie (Guest Post) 12/12/2006 Flag

Ordered handiadder end of October and they charged my account 11/5/06 and today 12/10/06 I have yet to receive item from Tried emailing and calling to get update with no response. Has anyone else tried to order from them recently?

Editor's Note: Sorry to hear that. If you can't get a response, I'd do a chargeback on the charge and tell your card company that they didn't deliver the goods.

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By Janet (Guest Post) 09/09/2008 Flag
it's here for only $2.99

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By go2laj 1 4 03/30/2013 Flag

You can find "super add-a-matic"s and "upper adder"s on e-bay. You can also search in Google. I hope you don't bid on the one I just bid on! Good luck.

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