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Dog Licking It's Mouth

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My dog is constantly licking her mouth and smacking her lips. She just started it about 2 weeks ago. Could you tell me why? Should I worry?

Kim from London



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By NEWFIEGIRL [8]09/23/2010

Carry your dog up the stairs and consult your veterinarian.

By BeagleHead07/13/2009

When a dog smacks its lips that is a sign of nausea. My 4month old puppy was diagnosed with kidney disease which causes stomach issues. Take your dog to the vet!

By Cara (Guest Post)12/18/2007

omg, my dog is 12 and she just started this constant licking this year. She's having other health problems too, tho - we have her on pills for bladder control, specail diet for liver problems, a supplement for arthritis and she's also got a degenerative nerve disorder which means she's losing feeling in/control of her hind legs. She's a small shepherd who used to be able to jump a 4-ft fence from a standstill and now falls trying to get up the 3 stairs on our front porch, so sad. But she seems to lick when she's stressed out - wants a walk or something. But i'm wondering if her teeth are bothering her?

By Roxana (Guest Post)11/07/2007

Obviously I am here because my dog is licking and smacking also, but what I wanted to add was, keep an eye on your dog and if he is constantly licking one specific area, it could mean hes hurting. I found out the hard way that my dog had a ruptured spleen, poor guy, and as I look back, he was constantly licking the area and stupid me just thought it was his arthritis, he's 15. attention :)

By Maryeileen [76]11/03/2007

I would take your dog(s) to the vet. Sometimes cats and dogs lick items because their diet is lacking certain vitamins/minerals. Or, they could have something caught in, or between, their teeth.

By (Guest Post)11/02/2007

You didn't mention if your dog is a breed that needs regular grooming. If so, when the fur starts getting long around the lips, it can cause the dog to begin constant licking, most likely because the poor animal is annoyed by the hair growth.

Once we get our dog groomed, the licking ceases.

By sandy [63]11/01/2007

My Ally also licks kinda just puts her tongue out of her mouth and laps up nothing. Just started several months ago she is 7.

By (Guest Post)11/01/2007

Boy, if you find out why...please let me dog, now `14 started this several years ago...she licks constantly and EVERYTHING...where ever she is sitting or laying, the pillows, your lap, the chair, the couch and the bed...all during the night...drives me crazy! She will even lick the kitchen floor if she happens to be lying on it!

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