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A Letter from the Tooth Fairy


I always enjoyed playing the Tooth Fairy with my children. To make the experience more fun for my kids, after they were asleep, I would remove the tooth from under their pillow and in place of it, I would include a letter that I wrote (from the Tooth Fairy).

The letter would be a riddle and would include a hint where they could find their dollar. One thing I would do; however, was write the letter backwards so they would have to hold it up to the mirror in order to read it. They always thought that was so "cool!" Here's an example of what I would write:

"Hi Sally, look carefully and you will find, your dollar can be found near your time." (I would put the dollar under her alarm clock.)

Enjoy the special times in your child's life; they grow-up way too fast; make memories.



By Debbie Dzurilla 28 1,124 03/28/2006 Flag

I liked that story about the Tooth Fairy. It so happens the Tooth Fairy visited our house last night as my 7 yr old daughter lost another tooth....I believe her 10th or is it the 12th? I've lost track. She's been losing them since she turned 5! Anyway, Tooth Fairy (my hubby) was pretty generous and left her 8 quarters! She promptly put them in her Minnie Mouse bank. Oh and by the way, she pulled the tooth herself!

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By Starlight (Guest Post) 03/28/2006 Flag

This reminded me of the time our daughter at 4 yrs old wrote the tooth fairy a note and left it under her pillow with her tooth and asked him if he could also leave a dollar for her sister (then 2). It was so cute and cryptic that I kept it to this day. What a sweet thought she had! Thanks for bringing back that memory!

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By (Guest Post) 03/28/2006 Flag

when my kids would loose a tooth they wanted to know what the tooth fairy did with all those teeth. We didn't have to look very far to find a little kid in the family or at the store some place that was cutting teeth and we decided that the fairy took the teeth and gave them to babies !!!!! It was a fun story. PRISM

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