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I bought a fish yesterday and when I came home today I found about 20 baby fish! Should I separate them or does the mother have to care for them or something? I just don't want her to eat them!

By Maddie from Billings, MT


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By esptechy 4 8 02/08/2011

Separate them! Otherwise mom will snack on them when she gets hungry. Most pet stores and some Wal-mart stores sell breeder nets/containers. The best one to purchase is the gauze sleeve that fits over a rectangular frame. It hooks right over the side of your tank like the trays at Sonic and keeps you from needing to maintain separate water heaters, air pumps, etc.

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By Christine T. 2 04/11/2014

Mine had babies last night. I saw that there were two. One was hiding among the plants, the other was just over the plants. When I woke up this morning and checked them. Isaw that there was only one left... the on which was hiding last night.

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By Christine T. 2 04/11/2014

I cleaned the bowl because I really am curious as to where the other baby is, then I saw not only one but two dead baby fish. I didn't know i got three baby fish until i saw two dead fish. So separated the last one into a glass. Hope it will survive.. :)

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My fish just had babies. I don't remember what kind of fish it is, but I think it's a type of guppy. There are about 10-15 tiny babies swimming around my tank and I have 2 other fish in this tank. It is a 10 gallon tank. How should I care for them? I am kind of worried about the other fish eating them. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!


RE: Caring For Baby Fish

First you need to either mover the big fish to a different tank or the babies. You need to buy fish food for baby fish. You can find the special food at any pet store. Make sure the baby fish have things like plants, or ceramic castles and to hide in. If you plan on keeping the babies you're going to need a bigger tank. If not you need to get rid of the baby fish because 10-15 fish need more room then a 10 gallon tank. Good Luck ! (10/06/2004)

By Smilez28

RE: Caring For Baby Fish

My name is Robert and I am 13 years old. One of my fish just gave birth, I don't know what kind she is but she had six babies. I have put my babies in a cradle so they don't get eaten, maybe you should try this? They are available from all pet shops. I don't know what type of food to buy can anyone help me with this? Good luck and I hope your babies survive! (03/10/2005)

By Robert

RE: Caring For Baby Fish

Hey I'm with you. My goldfish just laid eggs and 1 hatched. All I did was get a 5 gallon tank. I already had a 2.5 gallon tank. I left the eggs in the 2.5 gal. tank and put the older fish in the new tank. Just feed them crushed fish flakes I'm hoping mine will be OK. You can listen to me or not, because I'm a beginner too, but this is their 2nd batch of eggs. I hope it works for you too. (10/24/2006)

By Sydney

RE: Caring For Baby Fish

You don't need to remove baby fish from the main tank. From my experience, the babies aren't stupid. They will hide from the larger fish. All you need to do is make crevices in your gravel. Buy larger, polished rocks and place these, covering 85-90% of the designated crevice. Make sure the gap that is uncovered is large enough for the fry to swim under. As these fry hide they will wait for falling food to get close enough to their position and will snap out and grab a bite and return to their hiding place. The only way this will work is if you crush the food in a plastic bag or buy actual baby fish food. So I hope I helped! (02/15/2007)

By Brian


I have about 4 to 8 baby fish, the other fish keep trying to eat them. I have a 25 gallon tank. If anyone who sees this knows what to do, Help! Please. Editor's Note: You need to either move the babies to a separate tank or get a divider for your original tank. Go to your local pet store and they should be able to help you. Good luck.


Archive: Caring For Baby Fish

I have a 29 gallon tank and have fresh water fish. I am not sure what kind of fish I have but I think they are tetras. One died so now I have 6 baby fish and one older one. I don't know if it is the mother. I have had these fish for three weeks my question is what should I do now?


RE: Caring For Baby Fish

6 baby tetras in the tank? How cute. They will be fine without the mother just continue to feed as normal, pinch food into small flakes if you want. Once a baby fish is born it no longer needs a parent. The only danger is older faster fish that could eat the fry (even mother). So I would wait until they get older before you buy more. Good luck. (03/07/2009)

By Starchild in VT

RE: Caring For Baby Fish

First grind the food really small. Then go get a filter sponge to put over the tube of your power filter (if you have a power filter). This will keep them from being sucked up. They grow fast. And they don't need their mom. (03/07/2009)

By chammich

RE: Caring For Baby Fish

As a breeder I can tell you this. No matter what type or just how big your fish tank is it'll never be big enough to keep all of the little guys based on the 1" per gallon rule. Know your fish and just how big they will be as adults then do the math. Example 10 x 3" fish would need a 30+ gallon tank to support them. Now remember that most females can continue to give birth even without a male in the tank once she does. Also babies mature rather quickly and can also become parents within 4 months on their own. Ask your local pet shop if they would take some of your babies or even trade from them for items you may use, but always keep a few babies where you could create your own eco-system and never ever buy another fish of the type you are raising ever again. Good luck all! (02/09/2010)

By GoFish

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