Softening Hard Coffeemate Creamer


My Coffeemate creamer is hard as a rock. Do I throw it away and buy more or can it be softened? If so, how?

By Ginger from Nashville, TN


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By mcw 80 1,754 01/01/2011

Some dampness must have come into contact with the non-dairy creamer so it's now solid. Cut away the container, and put it in a plastic bag and either hit it lightly with a hammer or use a rolling pin to break it up into granules. Then pour it into a clean and dry glass jar and use it up.

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By cckarl 6 01/02/2011

Use a med. fine grater. In Colonial days sugar came in the form of large hard cones. Housewives often broke off a hunk then grated it finer for use. Kids got smaller broken pieces as a rare special treat. Works with anything that has caked/hardenedL brown sugar, sugar, salt, garlic powder, etc.

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By Molly Ringer 45 01/02/2011

Try putting a slice of fresh bread in with the coffee mate. This is what you do to soften rock-hard brown sugar and it works like a charm. Absorbs the excess moisture I think, or maybe it has something to do with the yeast. Either way, the next morning it should be soft again!

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By Ginger 1 1 01/03/2011

Thank you! The bread trick worked!

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By Michelle Landreth 17 67 01/06/2011

I live in the south too and have forgotten to put the lid back on the container and had the creamer to harden. Instead of throwing it away, I just added boiling water to the creamer and made liquid creamer. Works like a charm! I also use Coffee Mate or any kind of plain non-dairy creamer in the place of milk if I don't feel like running to the store.

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By JMBSD 1 09/04/2011

I put the container without the lid, in the microwave with a small dish of water for 45 seconds and then used a bread knife to loosen and break up the pieces, worked great. My microwave is a small wattage one.45 secs. may be too long for a more powerful one.
Balm Beach ON. Canada.

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