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Recipes for a Dog With Allergies

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Does anyone have a recipe I can make for my dog who is highly allergic to everything. He cannot have: barley, beef, beets, carrots, chicken, corn, cow's milk, egg, fish mix, lamb, oats, peanuts, pork, potato, rice, soy beans, sweet potato, turkey, venison, wheat, yeast, apple, berry mix, banana, duck, green beans, green peas, rabbit, salmon, shellfish mix, spinach, tomato.

The only ones that scored over 200 are chicken, oats, wheat, and duck; everything else is over 100. Can I feed him the stuff that's in the low 100's? I'm not sure how these test scores work. I just ordered Purina HA which seems to have next to nothing in it, but I'd rather just make him dinner myself. Thanks.

By Ellie from Jim Thorpe, PA


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By staar10/06/2012

I also have a dog who is allergic to everything. However, we have put her on a grain-free diet and are feeding her California Natural Kangaroo and Lentils and so far she is doing better and getting her hair back. You can order from and it is delivered free. Hope this helps your dog.

By Kathie02/16/2011

Dog with allergies recipe from Kathleen
2 cups cooked & drained ground turkey or beef
2 cups cooked orzo pasta
3 small thin raw zucchini minced
1 leak chopped (use softer center mostly) and sauté in pan with 2 T olive oil
2 cloves garlic, minced

In mixing bowl, combine all ingredients. Mix well by hand. Place in small baking dish and press down with hands. Bake for 20 minutes on 350 degrees. Let cool and serve and then cut into 4x4 servings, wrap with plastic wrap, defrosting when needed for freshness.

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By Pixiedust7 [7]02/05/2011

Have you tried tuna, quinoa, cabbage, lettuce, or goat cheese? I have no idea how the allergy scores work either, or what scores these foods have. These are foods that some of my dogs have liked, that were not on your list. Good luck! Please keep us posted on your dog's progress, and bless you for caring so much and trying so hard to help him.

By vicki hood [4]01/31/2011

Contact talk to some wonderful people there, wonderful product, no Chinese ingredients. They won't even use containers from China. Their Nzymes do wonders for all sorts of health problems. Never vaccinate your baby. Brings on allergies, sickness and immune malfunction. No corn wheat or soy. No grocery store dog food aisle food. Specialty shop or cook. Are you aware that they are even putting euthanised pets back into pet food. The euthanol does not cook out so you would be feeding poisons to your pets. Build immune system, don't destroy it.


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Archive: Recipes for a Dog With Allergies

Dog food recipes. My dog has bad allergies. I am not very talented at cooking. I would like easy to prepare foods for my dog. Thank you. I appreciate any help. Lisa from Westland, MI

RE: Recipes for a Dog With Allergies

If you do your research there is really no way to get all that you need without a lot of ingredients to ADD to a cooked dog food diet, taurine is one of them I believe. In a week or two the Natural Balance Venison for dogs food (allergy line) will be back on the shelves (they actually only had a few bags of tainted rice protein and there was only a small amount of food that was affected, but they decided to pull ALL to make sure). They are the only over the counter single protein and veggie source food (that I know of at least for cats) unless you buy Royal Canin expensive stuff from the vet. You have to do a lot of research on what is best for the dog, because people have caused WAY more harm than good trying to cook for their dogs. I know that dogs are carnivores, coming from wolves but you also have to remember that that was a LONG time ago and they've been adapted over hundreds of years to eat our version of "dog food", so we can't assume that throwing some cooked (or raw) meat at them will make them healthy. Our animals live way longer than those in the wild do, one of the reasons is that they get a much better nutrient rich diet than their wild cousins. Do a lot of research before you pick up your cooking pot and apron, good luck either way! (04/24/2007)

By michawnpita

RE: Recipes for a Dog With Allergies

When my dog went into kidney failure, her appetite decreased, so the Vet suggested giving her baby food. It worked well but it wasn't cheap, because the jars were so small, we had to use a few to make a meal. (04/25/2007)

By Ms. henkel

RE: Recipes for a Dog With Allergies

Check out, she had a dog show yesterday with someone on who does Holistic pet food. He advocates raw diet but does go down the scale as to the worst (grocery store kibble) to the best, raw (in HIS opinion) but you might want to check out the book. I can't remember the name, but I know that Oprah's site links all the info. from her shows. (04/26/2007)

By michawnpita

RE: Recipes for a Dog With Allergies

Do you kow what your dog is allergic too? Is grain, types of meat, etc.? Visit, this is a blog primarily about making food for your critters. Lots of useful info there, and the great news is IT"S FREE, Recipes, Ideas, Hints ALL FREE. (06/26/2007)

By flip195

RE: Recipes for a Dog With Allergies

Buy ground turkey rolls, bake them PLAIN with no salt. Cool and slice for doggie to eat. Feed them cooked carrots, green beans, etc. My dogs love these more than any treats. Some others feed apples, we are going to try some too. Our vet said these were good for my 3: 1 yorkie 1 shih-poo\ 1 jack russell (07/23/2007)

By meoowmom

Archive: Recipes for a Dog With Allergies

Does anyone have any homemade dog food recipes for a dog with food allergies? My Boxer is on Royal Canine Sensitivity Control and this doesn't seem to be working. We have tried other hypo-allergenic foods but nothing helps. I want to try home cooked recipes.


Archive: Recipes for a Dog With Allergies

I am looking for simple recipes for dog food and treats. Lucky is a Shih Tzu male with allergies.

By Seamus from San Antonio, TX

RE: Recipes for a Dog With Allergies

After making several foods for my 9 Shih Tzus, I gave up and now purchase frozen Bil-Jac at a vet's office. I don't go to this vet except for the frozen Bil-Jac. All but one have "lost" their allergic reactions, and number 9 is making good progress! (06/11/2010)

By JoanDogs

RE: Recipes for a Dog With Allergies

When my dog had a sick stomach, my vet recommended boiled chicken breasts and plain white rice. (06/14/2010)

By mollyring

Archive: Recipes for a Dog With Allergies

Does anyone know a good, easy, hypo-allergenic dog food recipe for Boxers? I have an eight year old Boxer. He recently developed allergies, but all his blood work normal. I would really like to make his dog food at home. I would like to start with a grain free recipe. Any help would be truly appreciated.

By Val-RN from Pittsburgh, PA

RE: Recipes for a Dog With Allergies

After finding allergies, making several vet visits, I started doing my own research through my friends. I found a brand called Countrypet Naturals. I tried it and all the allergies disappeared. I did more research on it and found it be a pure food from New Zealand. Their foods do not contain any grains or preservatives, which causes the allergies. My dogs wolfed it up! Their energy level is up and you cannot tell the difference between my puppy or older dog! (07/12/2010)

By dino

RE: Recipes for a Dog With Allergies

My daughter has a dog with severe allergies and feeds him chicken and rice on her vet's recommendation: Chicken thighs in an economy pack from Walmart, white rice in a large bag, also at Walmart (around 5 cents a pound). Cook the chicken thighs in enough water to cover until well done (an hour more or less). Remove thighs and debone, saving cooking water to cook rice. Simmer rice until done (45 minutes?), adding more water as needed so it doesn't burn. Cool deboned chicken and mix into cooled rice. Store in refrigerator up to a week and feed twice a day. Amount you would make would be dependent on the size of the dog, but my daughter cooks 2 packs (18-20 thighs total) and 6 cups of dry rice. It makes a large amount so you need a big pot to store it in. Obviously it would be perfectly good for people to eat as well. (07/14/2010)

By Anonymous

RE: Recipes for a Dog With Allergies

I had a Cairn terrier that was allergic to everything. I tried everything you can think of. I was on my way to the exotic meat market to try lion or water buffalo when I realized I had not tried canned salmon. So I cooked up a batch of brown rice (for fiber) about 8 cups when cooked, and added a 15 oz can of salmon, bones and all. He ate that until he died at age 17 yrs. He was very allergic to some vegetables, so figure out what your dog can tolerate. Broccoli was the worst for my dog. I skipped the veges and gave him a multivitamin. Good luck! (07/23/2010)

By Lizzyanny

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