Cleaning a Very Dirty Toilet


How do I clean a very dirty toilet?

By Val


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By karen 8 03/21/2011

This sounds really strange but to clean from the water line down empty a bottle of Coke in it over night, don't know how or why but is works!

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By Sandi/Poor But Proud 447 2,065 03/22/2011

If it has sat for a long time, this will fix the problem but you have to be very careful.

Watkins makes Hydrocloric Acid tub and tile cleaner, and it's the kind that professional cleaners use.

However, and I am not kidding, use gloves, a mask and eye goggles. Flush the toilet, and as it's going down, turn off the water underneath.

The closer the bond between this cleaner and the actual surface the better. Spray it on, spread it around onto the surface, then get out of the bathroom and turn on the fan. Come back in 10 minutes and turn the water back on. Most likely you will have to flush several times, but it's the most caustic but effective cleaner I have ever seen.

I used some to get very old water and urine stains from the toilet and tub, and got a little on the older style (70's trailer) enclosure and it took the pattern right off!

So, use it sparingly and with great caution. Good Luck.

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By Dena Roberts 35 491 03/22/2011

We had a house fire a few years ago, and the house sat empty for almost a year. The toilet was disgusting! I tried everything! I discovered this: Block the hole so the water stays in the toilet. An old rag in a waterproof plastic bag will do, if you stuff it in the hole really tightly. Make sure it doesn't go down though! Fill the toilet, using a pail, with warm water right to the top...drop in 3 or 4 denture cleaning tablets. Swish them around gently so the whole bowl is in contact with the denture water, and let it sit for a whole day. Swish out the bowl with a toilet bowl scrubber and remove the blocker. You may have to repeat this a couple of times. My bowl came out sparkling clean!

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By Patricia Nicholas 13 74 03/22/2011

20 mule team Borax, leave it sit over night on the stain (turn the water off if necessary so the bowl doesn't fill) If the stain has lime or hard water deposits, scrub with a pumis stone. I own a cleaning company and have tried it all, this has never failed me and I don't worry about fumes building up or acids eating through the pipes on older plumbing.

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By Cynthia Mullen 59 03/22/2011

Ok, I had to clean one a couple of years back that looked like it had never been cleaned. This lady I used to work for told me about this and now I have one. Go to Walmart, I think I saw them over there. Get a natural pumice stone on a stick handle and it'll take off all the brown grunge and stuff and make your toilet look brand new!! I couldn't tell that it scratched it all!! But I figured if it did, scratches are better than grunge any day.

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By girl 1 10/03/2011

I too am having this toilet problem because I care for a schizophrenic guy and he never flushes the toilet. He had a brand new toilet get like this within a month. I think it's a combination of hard water and never flushing as well as I only clean for him once a month. I have tried many things. It seems that SOS pads work but only to a certain degree and with a ton of scrubbing. The coke thing didn't work but I think I didn't leave it in long enough. I am going to try alka selzer/denture cleaner/pumice stone on astick and something called "the works" from walmart. Thank you for all the great advice! Portland Oregon

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By Drew C. 1 10/14/2011

Okay, thank goodness I came across this. I tried the suggestion of 20 Mule Team Borax (powder) and a pumice stone from Thenicholas3. Both can be purchased from Walmart. I purchased the heavy duty pumice stick which cost only $1.88 instead of the Revlon pumice stone for women :).

Emptied out the bowl of water, poured in the borax, left it overnight, and just pummeled it with the stick. By golly, the stain got removed. It was bad. It was like a perpetual streak mark. It was on the very bottom of the bowl left that accumulated because of unflushed urine.

Hooray for Borax and pumice.

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By Tabi J 1 05/03/2015

Let me just say that I have the step-children from hell! They have their own bathroom, and they never flush the toilet. After 3 years of this foolishness (and my husband really not giving a damn), I went to work on this crime scene toilet. For whatever reason, I couldn't empty the bowl completely using the tips I read about, so I poured a big stock pot of boiling water in there. That made the water go low enough. Then I went to work with my pumice stick. Prior to me getting the toilet like brand new in 10 minutes with the stick, I used bleach, kaboom, and the works and scrubbed for several hours...didn't budge. My $2 pumice stick worked miracles!

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By Sandyrose83 1 06/28/2015

I have to say thank you to ALL who advised a pumice stone. I have 4 boys in my house and let's just face it, my toilets are horrific. have been trying to take out all the nasty grunge from my toilets for quite some time now with no success. I've used all kinds of expensive products because the mindset is that the more expensive, the more likely it is to work... Not so much.

After reading these responses I quickly headed to the nearest Wal-Mart, found the pumice scouring stick and grabbed some lime away. Spent about 5 bucks! Came home and tried it without even letting it sit. Worked wonders! My toilet looks amazing! All the brownish black crusty grunge is gone! I promise you, anyone in the same toilet nightmare, this works! I'm headed to my teens toilet upstairs. It's the worst one. I leave it to him to clean and all these years of cleaning his bathroom, the toilet is neglected.

So wish me and my pumice scouring stick luck! I'll post before and after pics when I'm done. Again, thank you thank you!

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Archive: Cleaning a Very Dirty Toilet

I have a rental house that the renters moved out of and the toilet is awful. I have scrubbed and scrubbed but it has so much lime or whatever is built up I cant make a dent.


Archive: Cleaning a Very Dirty Toilet

I have a rental house that the renters moved out of and the toilet is awful. I have scrubbed and scrubbed, but it has so much lime or whatever is built up I can't make a dent. I don't want to replace the toilet at this time. Any ideas?

Momcann from MO

RE: Cleaning a Very Dirty Toilet

What I had to do is scrape the calcium out of the toilet using a tiny scrapper it took a while, but came out clean. Calcium is built up because of hard water, so get some pellets and use them and it shouldn't happen as long as you use the pellets. Good luck. (03/13/2011)

By Barbie143

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