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Substituting Sherry in a Recipe

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a woman cooking with sherry

Wine and liqueur can be expensive to keep in the pantry for cooking. This guide is about substituting sherry in a recipe.



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Question: Substitution for Sherry in a Recipe

What would be a good substitution for sherry in a food recipe?

By Bonnie from Cornville, AZ

Solutions: Substituting Sherry in a Recipe

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By eileen [7]11/19/2010

Depends on what you are making. You can use apple juice, white grape juice.


Cooking sherry but don't use the salt recommended in the recipe (unless you like extra salt) because cooking sherry's and cooking wines are preserved with salt. The brand of cooking sherry's and cooking wines I use is called Holland House and are usually found in the vinegar isle of your market/grocery store.