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Removing Candle Wax on Leather Furniture

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How do I remove wax crayon marks from the surface of a leather sofa?

Lilly from Burlington Ontario


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By CarrieAnne07/25/2013

Is there anyway to get wax stains out of patten leather? I have a purse that the wax seems to have stained it since the wax was left on.

By Tessa R. (Guest Post)11/19/2008

Did you ever remove the wax? Or did you ever buy a new chair? I just found some cheap chairs, really depends on what you are after. ... p?main_page=index&cPath=71_76_90

By Janet (Guest Post)08/01/2008

The hairdryer definitely works, I tried it on my leather dining chair - just remember to keep the hairdryer moving and not to get too close with it. A good tip is to clean up with baby wipes with that have baby lotion in them. The leather will absorb it and prevent it drying out.

As some wax also dripped on to my varnished oak dining table, I can also testify to the credit card method working, for any residue left, I VERY carefully used the hairdryer (from a good distance) and good old baby wipes to finish off.

By jocelyn (Guest Post)02/07/2008

Any other suggestions please?

By Roddy Wilson (Guest Post)12/16/2007

Dude, leather chairs are cheap as chips these days, just get another one.


By Justin (Guest Post)06/02/2007



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Archive: Removing Candle Wax on Leather Furniture

I have a huge brown leather chair that one of the kids dumped a melted candle on. The candle was light blue. I thought when it cooled I could just peel the wax off but to no avail. I heard I could use an iron and a brown paper bag on furniture, but have never heard it used on leather. I am hesitant to try it. Is there anything I can do to get this wax off without ruining the chair? Thanks!

Mom of 6 1/2

RE: Removing Candle Wax on Leather Furniture

You may be able to heat the wax with a hair dryer. Then as it melts wipe it up. I have used this method before, but not on leather. (01/19/2005)

By Aimee

RE: Removing Candle Wax on Leather Furniture

Try putting an ice bag on the was and chill it thorougly. It should make the wax harder and easier to chip off the leather. The blow dryer idea would probably work too. Just treat the area afterwards to re moisturize the leather. If any color remains, try saddle soap to recondition and clean the leather. (01/20/2005)

By cjgeo

RE: Removing Candle Wax on Leather Furniture

If cattle are branded, I would think they could withstand a little blow dry. (12/21/2005)

By the Oracle

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