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Kerosene Stain on Carpet

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How do you get kerosene out of household carpeting? How do you get rid of the smell? It was a big spill probably 1-5 gallons.

Kristy from NH


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By Fire Safety (Guest Post)02/26/2008

Uh, Robert - even though Kerosene is combustible and not flammable, it is a REALLY bad idea to suck fuel into an electric motor.

By Kathy (Guest Post)11/20/2007

I just really need to know how to get the stains out?

By Teresa (Guest Post)01/10/2007

I just did the same thing..did you ever get the smell out of the carpet and thru the house? if you did please share how? I have to work in my house and the smell is over bearing and I have two small children and two cats. I'm stayin somewhere at night so my kids don't get sick. Please help

By carla bledsoe (Guest Post)10/09/2006

a spill that big would probably require a professional with pro-cleaning formula's and a high powered wet vac system.
you may have to pull up the carpet. the pad and the floor underneath are saturated too. even with the carpet out the wood would need to be cleaned well and possibly sealed with kilz or something like that.

By robert (Guest Post)10/06/2006

the kerosene will soak down into the pad and then into the floor. With this much amount you need to do the following....

(1) use a shop vac to extract as much of the kerosene as possible

(2) depending on where the stain is - you need to pull the carpet up and remove the padding underneath it - the padding needs to be thrown out

(3) clean the floor under the carpet and pad - if it soaked into the wood floor - you may need to use a sealer "kilz" from home depot to eliminate the stain

"kitty litter" will work good to soak up some of the kerosene - let the cat litter sit for a period of time

(4) replace the soaked pad with new - and then re-lay carpet and then clean the carpets with a steamer....

Hope this helps

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