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Wall Color to Match Red Couch and Camel Carpet

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What would be the best color for walls, with a deep red couch and camel carpet?

Darryl from Harrisburg, PA



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By Cathy [8]09/24/2009

A Candlelight ivory would be lovely.

By K (Guest Post)01/06/2009

I have a red couch and I painted the walls a country blue. I love it. My tables & entertainment center are black. and have some touches of red accents in the room. I have wood floors and grey area rug!

By katy (Guest Post)03/17/2008

i have a camel colored couch and was thinking of painting one wall dark brown with accent lighter brown walls. i tried to match my camel couch with a dark brown and none seemed to work very well. make sure you are careful if you choose a dark brown because it may be harder than you think.

By Laura [4]01/30/2008

I would do a a combination: I would pin stripe the wall. It is very easy, I did it in my bedroom. Paint the wall with the couch on it two shades darker that the carpet in a nice muted tone flat paint. Measure how thin you want the pin stripes (the thinner the more elegant) with painter's tape as a guide place the tape around the wall leaving a space between the tape to paint the same red color of the couch. Choose a semi gloss muted red paint. The opposite wall can be painted with a nice green color.
The two remaining walls can be painted with a paint a shade darker than the carpet.

I know it sounds like much. But the green really goes good with Red. My living room has carmel carpet, cream color couch and a kelly green wall that was color washed with gray behind the couch. It looks like aged stone, that has turned green.

By (Guest Post)01/28/2008

How about a tan, and use a Confederate blue or forest greet for accent pillows, etc.

By falldowngobump [1]01/28/2008

I think a mossy green--not too dark in color value would be beautiful. Shades of green and red usually compliment each other.

By Lois (Guest Post)01/28/2008

This sounds like my living room. I painted opposing walls navy, and the rest a light cream. I love it!

By joan pecsek [88]01/25/2008

Camel, a couple of shades darker than the carpet. Brown would be nice also but with the dark red sofa it might be kind of dark.

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