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Best Carpet Choice for a Sewing Room

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What carpet would you suggest getting or avoiding for a sewing room?

By Charlene from Canton, MI


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By Bob [1]05/28/2010

I surely agree with previous posts in having a hard floor; linoleum, hardwood, tile, etc., versus any carpeting. Years ago we received a carpet as a gift that had been in a sewing room and it was complete with many pins and needles that were undetected until a child was stuck. Inspection revealed too many to gather so the carpet had to be disposed of. Hope this helps in your decision.

By Vicki Keyes [7]05/20/2010

I work at a floor covering store. I would recommend a low pile carpet which is mostly a solid color. Remember that you may drop pins, buttons, and other tiny things, so you don't want a plushy high pile carpet with a busy pattern in it. Depending on your natural light source, don't get anything so dark it will take away from the brightness of the room. Good luck! Wish I could retire and actually have time to sew or do crafts!!

By Amy3e [1]05/18/2010

I have a small craft room with a wood floor. I was going to carpet it but for the same reasons as the other members, decided to leave it bare and threw an inexpensive rug down.. that way I can shake it outside once I pick up any pins or salvage and then just sweep the floor. Very easy to take care of.

By Judi [18]05/16/2010

If I had a choice I wouldn't have carpet at all. My last house had hardwood in the sewing room and it was great. This house has Berber carpet and I really don't like it. Stuff (pins, needles) gets lost in it and I can't find it. I have to drag out the vacuum to clean up the and scraps. Try to go with something "sweepable" is what I say.

By Joan [13]05/16/2010

I've done sewing on various types of carpeting and they are all a real pain because you have to vacuum the lint and threads up. I much prefer linoleum/vinyl because all you have to do is grab a broom and dust pan and you are done, instead of getting the vacuum cleaner and putting it away. Anyway, I feel sweeping is quicker than vacuuming.

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