A Coaster For Your Shaving Cream Can


I save the lids from the tops of Pringles chips cans and the tops from the Walmart generic Crystal Light mix. They are perfect for setting cans of shaving cream on in the shower. No more rusty marks on my tub end and windowsill from the can.

By Katie-Lou from FL



By randomvoice 1 01/20/2013

I recently found this! http://simplelogicproducts.com/ Hope it helps!

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Archive: A Coaster For Your Shaving Cream Can

I save the plastic lids from yogurt containers and use them as "coasters" for shaving cream in my bathroom shower. No rust rings! They also make handy, disposable holders for steel wool pads in the kitchen. Larger plastic lids make great disposable spoon rests if the utensil isn't too hot (both in the kitchen and when barbecuing).

By Denise from FL

RE: A Coaster For Your Shaving Cream Can

Painting the bottom of your shaving creme can with clear nail polish would prevent it from rusting. But your solution is easier and cheaper. (04/06/2007)

By Bob

RE: A Coaster For Your Shaving Cream Can

Hey, Denise, I think that's a great idea! I just got a new sink/counter and am afraid the hairspray etc. will rust my new counter. Don't want that. Thanks for sharing that tip! Someone gave me some glass coasters for Christmas and I think I will put them in my bathroom since I use other crystal items. Don't know that I would have thought of that. Do you LOVE this site or what? Mitzi (04/06/2007)

By Mitzi

RE: A Coaster For Your Shaving Cream Can

I have used lids too for various purposes. One thing I use one for is to cover the shaker top of my can of Comet cleanser. Once you remove the little paper cover, it's open. I found a plastic lid that fits the top of the can perfectly and then I don't have to worry about it getting knocked over.

When I used to do a lot of crafts and quilting, I used lids to trace and cut out pattern pieces. Plastic coffee can lids work perfectly for that purpose.

Lids come in so many sizes too and sometimes other shapes besides round. (04/07/2007)

By Debbie52

RE: A Coaster For Your Shaving Cream Can

Thanks for helping me to find other uses for all the lids I've saved! God bless you. : ) (06/10/2007)

By Lynda