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Bringing The Shine Back On A Linoleum Floor

How can I get the shine back on my linoleum floor?

Thank you,

Katie from NY

Recent Answers

By jane (Guest Post)02/16/2008

I use clorox floor and surface cleaner with water. It seems to help my dull floor. I used car wax on a small area, but it made it too slippery. Does anyone have another idea like car wax without the slip? Mop and glow does not seem to help. I am going to try the light idea for the yellow spots.

By Kimbo (Guest Post)01/18/2006

There are 2 light brownish/yellowish stains on our all white linoleum floor in the kitchen that were caused by little seeds stuck to our shoes from a tree in the backyard. They started out as pea-sized stains and when I started to wipe them to clean, they spread into 2 large areas of stains about 2 feet long. How can I whiten them. We have tried many stain-removal & cleaning products, nothing has worked. Open to ANY suggestions.
thank you..

By MARY (Guest Post)01/23/2005


By christy01/14/2005

It's been years since I did this and I lived in Mississippi at the time, but we went to a janitorial supply and got something for the floor AND the counter top that worked great! Give them a call.

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