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Vegetable Soup Too Salty

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It seems I have made a batch of vegetable soup too salty. I know there is a fix out there somewhere, can someone help? I would prefer not to do the "cook a potato in it", I don't want to further cook the veggies and make them mushy, if I could try something else.

Thank you!
Bonnie from Martinsburg



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By Laura (Guest Post)02/20/2009

I've made Ham and Vegetable soup, I've had it on the go all day in my slow cooker, 2 Ham Shanks and a selection of winter veg with dried herbs and pepper. Eventhough I never added any salt whatsoever the ham hocks have made the soup very salty :-(

Before I came across this thread I woulda thrown a spud in it (with little effect) but I've just tried the balsamic vinegar trick GENIUS! Plus a huge bonus is it's added depth of flavour!

Definitely try with just a little bit in a separate bowl to try and then bit by bit add it to your soup

Huge thanks for that suggestion 8-)

By Sarah Hart (Guest Post)10/25/2008

A chunk of potato in it will absorb the salt.

By Rob T (Guest Post)04/12/2008

Heck. I made 5 gallons of my famous veggie soup and somehow kosher salt found it's way into the pots. It's a disaster! Potatoes, sugar, vinegar, everything I could throw at it still made it taste horrible. The ONLY fix I know is to pour it out. Drink more wine or beer and call in Chinese! There goes $35 bucks worth of fillin's

Editor's Note: Yes, these only work if the soup is a little too salty.

By Michelle04/09/2008

BALSAMIC VINEGAR! Just add a little bit and keep tasting! Worked wonderful for my vegetable beef soup!

By Michelle (Guest Post)04/09/2008

BALSAMIC VINEGAR! Just add a little bit and keep tasting! Worked wonderful for my vegetable beef soup!

By Betty (Guest Post)04/03/2008

Because of using ham hocks my soup is very salty . Any suggestions for getting less of a salty taste?

By yackie02/03/2008

I just read some of the feedbacks and decided to try lemon to my "way to salty soup" and this helped a lot. I also added more veggies and low sodium chicken broth which helped, without compromising the flavor of the soup.

By Izzy (Guest Post)07/20/2007

I just had the same problem but with a tomato veggie soup. I tried about a 1/2 cup of commercial lemonade in an 8 cup soup and it seems to be doing the trick without adding a sweet taste. Don't think it would work for a ham type soup, but you never know.

By Laurie (Guest Post)09/22/2006

I have tried with success by adding one part white vinegar and one part sugar to soup. Test this on a small amount first to see if it works for you.

By (Guest Post)07/19/2006

Add some water to it. Then if it is too thin, add a bit of potato flakes to it.

By chml (Guest Post)07/19/2006


I would drain the broth from the vegies, saving everything. Heat the broth, try the potato in it, if it is better, take some broth out and put aside, then add more broth ingredients, like tomato products. When the broth tasts to your liking, drain the potatoes out and add the vegies back in.

That way the soup vegies aren't over cooked and your broth is more to your liking.

By Debbie Dzurilla [28]07/18/2006

This has happened to me before and it is most irriitating and nothing is worse than to try to eat something that is way too salty. For many years I have been more of an under-salter as salt comes from other many canned goods for example have salt or if you use any type of broth or boullion cubes.

I think the idea of cooking up some extra veggies and adding sounds good or perhaps another small batch of the soup w/o any salt. I don't know that adding raw potatoes will absorb the salt but it is just put the pot of soup in the frig over-night with the potatoes added and then pull them out and re-heat. When you reheat the veggies will get cooked some more but not too much. One time when I followed a new recipe to the T, it was overly day tho when I heated the leftovers and we had again, it didn't taste as salty. I thought the recipe was good tho so just made a notation not to add any salt the next time I made it. Oh I rarely add any salt to a soup containing will get plenty of salt from the ham!

Good luck and hope the soup tastes better the 2nd time around!

By Faye (Guest Post)07/18/2006

I've read that a bit of sugar will take away the over salted taste.

Take out a small amount & add a bit of sugar, if it helps add a little bit at a time until you have the taste you want.

Let me know if it works!!

Good Luck

By Melony (Guest Post)07/18/2006

I believe the potato thing to be a myth because it never worked for me.. And I over salt all the time. What I do is cook somemore of the same veggies in another container and add that to my original soup. Keep adding veggies until it tastes like you want it.. As an added bonus you have more soup servings to freeze and store for later. Hope this helps..

By (Guest Post)07/18/2006

How about making another batch or half batch without salt and mix the two when cooked.

By Cay Cooke (Guest Post)07/18/2006

Seems above feedbacks miss the point: soup is already cooked. All I can think of is to make a smaller batch without salt (or anything salty) and combine it with present batch. A way might be to siphon the broth and replace with bland type. Please chime in for any other tips.

By Joy Wolff [4]07/17/2006

Have never tried this , but have read somewheres that by adding a peeled, raw potatoe ( chunks) that it helps absorb the salt.
Hope that will help you

By Sherri from Utah (Guest Post)07/17/2006

Lay some Potato slices on top of the soup and they will absorb the salt.

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