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Concerns About Bathroom Plug Buzzing

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When I tried to plug in my hair dryer this morning the GFCI in my bathroom buzzed whenever the prongs touched the outlet. There was also a small puff of smoke. The GFCI didn't trip. Anything to worry about?

Suzy from Denver CO



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By lynda [12]07/12/2007

Should she have plugged her hair dryer into a "dead
socket"? It almost seems as if the grounding wire was doing it's job because of something else? What causes a "live socket?"

By Suzy [1]07/11/2007

Thank you for your quick response. We are replacing that GFCI tonight!

Thanks again

By Carole Coppard07/11/2007

Get an Electrician in urgently! you have a live socket and it is a hazard (My husband is an Electrician and I asked him)

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