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Keeping Cats from Jumping Fence

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How do you keep cats from jumping a fence into neighbor's yard? Besides keeping them inside 24/7.

By Terri from Pensacola, FL


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By Nelda05/26/2010

My husband made a cat fence. We already had a wooden fence six feet high. He extended it with metal poles that bend inward and covered with chicken wire. He made the gates with chicken wire. They have the run of the whole back yard, but cannot get out. They go in and out the pet door. If you need more details let me know and he can give more details. Nelda

By Anonymous [848]05/25/2010

Thank you Pinkmellie59! I couldn't remember for the life of me what those systems are called! LOL!

Tnoell, please never, ever use moth balls for anything other than their intended purpose which is in a closed storage container for wool clothing! They are not only poisonous to pets, humans and the environment, but the fumes emitted from them can also cause lung damage!

By Terri [3]05/25/2010

I was thinking of sprinkling moth balls around the fence I don't want them crossing...what do you think?

By mellie05/24/2010

Invisible Fence brand invisible fence will stop that from happening. It isn't an electric fence, cause there's no electricity running through the wire. It's actually radio waves. Yes they wear a collar and will get a static correction,(NOT and electric shock, which could kill her) but they are trained not go go into a certain place. it is 99.95% effective and cats are easy to train to the system. I had my roommate's cat on the system to keep him out of my bedroom. He got one correction and never did it again. Invisible Fence will go out to your home, give you a free consultation at no charge. It's very hard to get a lost and frightened cat back, and being a cat lover myself, I would hate for that to happen to you and yours. For the safety of your pet, please give them a call. :-)

By Anonymous [848]05/24/2010

Probably nothing short of an electric fence and shock collar. I've even had cats who were indoor only, declawed both front and back, who snuck out of the house a couple of times and they still were able to jump a six foot fence.

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