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What Attracts Wasps?


Wasps seek me out? I cannot go outside without being swooped at. I went outside today for about 10-15 mins. and I was "swooped" at enough for the folks I was with were startled (6-7x). Is there something that attracts them and is there something that will deter them?



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By Jean from MS (Guest Post) 09/05/2007

Are you wearing cologne? Hair spray? Scented lotion? Wasps love these things.
If you're not using any of these, I guess you're just an especially sweet person!

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By Beth 25 1,120 09/07/2007

Often bees and other bugs are attracted to what we use in our hair. I tell my friends when we go hiking, "No hair products!"

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By rda (Guest Post) 09/08/2007

I do not know about wasps but I remember when I was little that my mom could step out the door and mosquittos would come after her from nowhere. They not be bothering anybody else but her. She went to the doctor and asked him about it. The doctor told her that she was lacking in some type of vitamin. She went and bought that vitamin and started taking it. NO MORE MOSQUITTOs. It was like a miracle.

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By Sherry 72 83 09/08/2007

One thing that attracks wasps is meat and the smell of bbq. They also seem to like sweet drinks. Also don't wear any perfumes outside at all or any scented hair products.
You might try wearing a bug spray outside to try and detract them, one with very little scent. Also do you have a wasp nest around your house that you need to find and get rid of??

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