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Selling Clothing at a Garage Sale

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I bought a ton of baby clothes at a bag sale and plan on having a garage sale this summer. Each item of clothing would be a $1. My question is should I leave the tags on... most things are priced between $2.50-$4. It would be easier to leave them on but how would you feel going to a sale like this?

Seeme from Oregon



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By (Guest Post)02/23/2009

I sold some clothes ( ladies clothes) with the tags still on them, but I crossed off the og price n put the yard sale price n they sold. A blouse that was $9.00 went for $1.00! Where I live they wouldn't even pay $2.00! So i sold brand name stuff for a buck too!

So yeah, leave the tags on and put your own price on the tag so they can see the price your selling it for. These ladies were all exited about getting them for a 1.00.

By Deanna (Guest Post)08/09/2008

Keep the tags on!

By lindsey (Guest Post)04/21/2007

yes! keep the tags on because that way people see they are getting 2 to 3 dollars off the regular price. and they know theyre brand new. DEFINETLY keep them on!! trust me

By Lynne04/10/2007

i would not remove the tags we do this for a living we are resalers and we do this all the time.
We actually have a group that we give all of our clothing we pick up to and they use it to give to families for free that have been burned out of their homes and/or evicted emergency things like that or sick children.
But we keep the tags on everything and make our prices up.. lots of times we either give clothes for free or 1.00 for a bag and supply the bags.. clothes don't sell too good for us.. so we usually do free..

By Debbie Dzurilla [24]02/04/2007

Just another thought here, regarding the children's you have a "Once Upon a Child" store in your area? They buy clothes outright. They also take toys and baby equipment. I have quite a few things I want to take myself as I don't think I'm gonna get around to putting on ebay.

As far as the books go. I buy books quite a bit at garage sales and I will pay as much as a dollar or two for a hardback in good condition. Paperbacks I have paid as little as a quarter but if it's a real recent book by an author I love, I'll pay more. You might even give a discount for quantity purchases. Like many times I've gotten paperbacks .25 or 5/$1 I notice that if the seller tries to get too much for the books, they just sit. Buyers know they will find books cheaper at the next sale!

By Allison [16]01/28/2007

Oh I see, I thought they were new. In that case, just put a big sign or two that says all clothes are only $1 and be sure to greet people and tell them all the baby clothes are $1.

I'd pay .50 for a paperback book and up to $2 for a hardback book depending on the condition.

Yes, it's true that garage sale shoppers don't want to pay a lot for items. That's the whole point of buying used items at garage sales...

If you want to possibly profit more, you could donate the items to charity and take a tax deduction. This would ensure you'd be rid of all your unwanted items and financially benefit from all of them, not just the chosen few that were sold. Plus that only takes an hour or so to load up the car and drop stuff off and drive back home, as opposed to an all day garage sale. Or you could donate what's left after the garage sale. Just a thought.

By Lynda (Guest Post)01/25/2007

Typically, in pricing for a garage sale, the customary
reduction is to ask for 10% of the original value of the item. I'd remove the original ticket so as not to make a big issue of it, so that you just might be able to recoup a bit more than that since the items are so new. A win-win bargain, in my opinion. Otherwise, you might lose more customers than you
want, who know about the 10% custom. All garage
sale shoppers want things for NOTHING, it seems, so
I'd try not to rub salt in their "wounds" by trying to verbally justify a higher than 10% "over original tag" price. Understand my point? Hope this helps and works for you. God bless you. : )

By (Guest Post)01/24/2007

these aren't new clothes...they are from a bag sale and the tags are from the baby store, not original tags.

I appreciate the suggestions but I still don't know what I will do.

Another much would you pay for hardback books and how much for paperback, good used condition?


By Allison [16]01/24/2007

Leave them on. The shoppers will go crazy. "Oooo! Look at all these brand new clothes for only $1!" You'll sell a lot if you leave the tags on.

By sandy [63]01/23/2007

keep the tags on if they are store tags. i would be more ready to buy new clothes cheap than used clothes cheap.

By Debbie Dzurilla [24]01/23/2007

Summer is still a long ways've got plenty of time to remove those tags. Why confuse people? Then, if you don't want to do individual tags and I wouldn't if it's lots of clothes, just make sure to put a real big sign stating that all the children's clothes are a buck ea. Sometimes people are in a real hurry and not paying good attention....they might see a tag that says $4 and just walk away w/o ever seeing your sign. Another thing to do is if you are able to, just announce that the children's clothes are one dollar ea as new people approach the clothes.

You know, you could do a lot better with your stuff on ebay....especially on girl clothes. I expect tho you got the things really cheap so you know that at even a dollar ea, you'll make a nice profit!

By pam munro [447]01/22/2007

What kind of tags are they? If they are store tags - leave them on - otherwise I would take them off - and just put them in a box/section that all is $1. Or have a sign that says all baby clothes $1.

By (Guest Post)01/22/2007

Do what the Goodwill, Salvation Army and AmVets stores do, and leave the tags on. Just make sure that the everything is a dollar sign cannot be missed.

By carol [3]01/22/2007

leave tags on and sell them for .50 each

By (Guest Post)01/22/2007

Some people may see the $2.50-$4.00 tags and not buy them, thinking that's the price for them. I personally wouldn't pay that much either. If you want to keep the tags on you should make a giant sign saying that the clothes are actually $1.00 each and place it where everyone is sure to see it.

By Kim (Guest Post)01/21/2007

I would remove the tags.

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