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Removing a Scarf From a Knifty Knitter

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How do I remove a scarf from as Knifty Knitter?

By Marti from Los Angeles, CA


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By Gwyneth LLoyd [1]03/02/2011

Go to you tube and type in nifty knitter, you will find videos there which will instruct you on this.

By Susan Sanders-Kinzel [9]06/05/2005

I am first time user of the Knifty Knitter. I am trying to knit a scarf. When I am done, how do I get the scarf off the kniffty knitter with out it coming undone?



Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the feedback that was provided then.

Archive: Removing a Scarf From a Knifty Knitter

How do I remove my scarf from my knifty knitter without it unraveling?

Melissa from Bay Area, CA

RE: Removing a Scarf From a Knifty Knitter

maybe someone else will come along with the answer, but here's a site that sells the instruction pamphlet for $1.25: (06/06/2005)

By beanygurl

RE: Removing a Scarf From a Knifty Knitter

I haven't made a scarf with this kind of item, but I have made many baby hats with one. When I was making the baby hats, because the yarn was thinner, I went around the knitter three times with my yarn, then pulled the bottom yarn up and over the top two and into the middle of the loom. After each time around, I'd add one more row of yarn loops and start again.

When it was time to finish my hat off, instead of putting on another row of loops, I'd just take the bottom yarn and loop it over the one left and do that all the way around. Then I ran a piece of yarn through all the remaining loops, popped them off the loom and pulled tight, making the top of the hat. Since you are making a scarf, I'm not exactly sure how you would want to finish it off, but I'm guessing you still need to run a thread through the last row of loops to keep them from unraveling. Just don't pull it tight. Then if you are adding fringe or something like that, you can use that to "seal" the two layers together and cover the final thread you ran to keep it from unraveling. (06/06/2005)

By Katie A.

RE: Removing a Scarf From a Knifty Knitter

I had one of these. For Scarves I cut off the yarn about two feet from the end of knitting. Make a knot into the next stitch. I used a yarn needle to go through each of the stitches, taking them off one at a time, then made a draw string end to the scarf. I used a length of yarn at the other end too to draw string it up. I finally learned to leave a long length of yarn when I started the scarf. You can make a tassel type pom pom or a ball type pom pom and tie to the ends. (06/06/2005)

By knitter in Illinois

RE: Removing a Scarf From a Knifty Knitter

You just take the first loop off on the crochet hook and then the second one (so both loops are on the hook). Then pull the first loop through the second hook and put it on the second peg. then you take the loop on the second peg on the crochet hook and the loop on the third peg and do the same thing as before. you do this all the way around and then tie the end string so it wont unravel. This will make the end of the scarf a tube. Good luck! (08/08/2005)

By Anna

RE: Removing a Scarf From a Knifty Knitter

Did you make your scarf as a tube? Or did you work back and forth on the loom to make it flat? If you made it flat, take the end of the yarn when you finish and cut off about 12 inches. Then remove the first stitch to a large crochet hook and use your yarn tail to make a single crochet st. remove the second st to the hook and repeat across. I hope this is clearer than mud. If you need more help, maybe I could come up with a better explanation or an illustration (02/15/2006)

By Harlean from Arkansas

RE: Removing a Scarf From a Knifty Knitter

I just learned how to use the knifty knitter and absolutely love it! Here is how I was taught to end the scarf. When you decide to end it, you will be left with one row of yarn on the pegs. Take your tail and wrap around the entire ring to ensure you will have enough yarn. Then cut the yarn at that length. take a darning needle or some large needle with a large eye and thread the yarn thru and knot. Then start at peg 1 and remove the loop and thread the needle and yarn thru, continue to the next peg and thread the needle thru that loop, as you are threading the needle thru you are also removing the project from your ring. When done threading thru all loops, then tie the end (use several knots to ensure is tight) and hide. Happy knitting! (02/14/2007)

By MN Gal

Archive: Removing a Scarf From a Knifty Knitter

I have finished my Knifty Knitter scarf. But I don't know how to take it off the loom or how to end the stitch before I take it off?

Erica from NY

RE: Removing a Scarf From a Knifty Knitter

I love the Knifty Knitter. Here is a website that I find invaluable:

Here is Isela's personal site (she is the one who does a lot of the loom designs and her site offers great instructional videos!)

Hope that helps. Enjoy surfing and learning.

Crystal (04/05/2007)

By CrystalinWV

RE: Removing a Scarf From a Knifty Knitter

For a round loom, just play musical pegs. Take the loop off of peg 2, and put it on peg 1. Knit off. Then move the new loop from peg 1 onto peg two. Then do it again with the next two until the end. Just cut the thread and put it on a needle and bring it through the last loop and you're done.

For a straight loom (like the KK purple), if you have used both sides, bring all the loops over from one side to the other and knit off. Then do the same thing as the round loom. If you've only used one side, you're good to go with the round loom instructions.

CFBandit (04/06/2007)

By cfbandit

Archive: Removing a Scarf From a Knifty Knitter

How do I take off stitches when finished with a scarf on the Knifty Knitter?

By Zeenabeth from Wolcott, NY

RE: Removing a Scarf From a Knifty Knitter

There are two ways to do this. The first (and easiest) is to take a length of yarn (as long as your scarf is wide plus 2 or 3 inches) and thread it onto a yarn needle. One should have come with you Knifty Knitter. It will be blue and look like a sewing needle, but plastic. Tie off your thread to your scarf and then stitch through the stitches on your knitter. All you will do is lace through the last stitches. Then carefully remove from your knitter and tie off at the end of your scarf. Don't pull on this yarn because it will gather your stitches (something you may want to do at other times.)

If you are a bit more familiar with other yarn methods you may want to use method number two. In this you will not cut your yarn until you are finished. Start with the last stitch on your loom and do a single crochet stitch picking up the next loom stitch. I like to have at least one stitch between each loom stitch. You can vary this depending on your yarn or the pattern you are knitting. Continue crocheting to the end then remove from the loom. You can also remove this as you go keeping the completed scarf inside the loom as you go. This will look nicer than the 1st method and will not run. Good luck. I love my loom. (03/11/2010)

By alb2784

Archive: Removing a Scarf From a Knifty Knitter

How do I finish and remove a scarf from a Knifty Knitter?

By Judy from Mt. Clemens, MI

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