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Removing Lettering From a Van

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How do you remove sign writing from a van (self adhesive lettering).

Dave from Chorley


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By HOP (Guest Post)01/03/2009

Googone from wal-mart works the best.

By Chris A (Guest Post)10/17/2008

Best method I have found is to use a steam wallpaper remover. Don't use the panel style attachment but simply direct the steam at the decal, start to peel and 'steam' as you peel it off. Credit card not even needed for this method :)

By Dean (Guest Post)09/14/2006

If you use a hair blower to remove the adhesive lettering be careful you don't also scorch the paint.There are mechanical methods to remove the lettering but you need to buy those items.Not practical for one time use.So take it to a body shop who would have those items to remove the lettering.I have those items at home so I did it to my car.Only takes a few minutes.

By annie (Guest Post)09/13/2006

I just stripped a huge tool truck and half way through using the blow dryer a friend said that WD-40 sprayed would help. Let the WD soak in and it comes off a lot easier. This is what he used for Postal Vehicles.

By martha pitts [4]09/13/2006

We used to use a hot blow drier to get these signs off our van fleet. It worked well for us.

By Judy (Guest Post)09/12/2006

Try a blow dryer, I've taken off bumper stickers and detailing from my car before with one, it loosens the adhesive afterwards I used some "Goo Gone" remover to get the residue off.

By Charles (Guest Post)09/12/2006

Spray it with spray oil used for cooking. I use this to get old parking permits off of the inside windshield. Spray it so it is soaked. Then you can scrape it off easily

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